PMB ’s Reelection: Fulani Youths To Deliver 11 Million Votes

Fulani youths groups from across the country, on Friday I’m to deliver at least eleven million votes to ensure the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari at the poll.

PMB ’s Reelection: Fulani Youths To Deliver 11 Million Votes

While endorsing the second term bid of President Buhari, the group maintained that there was no basis of comparison between the presidential candidate of the opposition peoples democratic party ( PDP ), Atiku Abubakar and President Buhari who lived up to their expectations in his days as Military Governor old Borno state, Federal commissioner of Petroleum, Head of state , and as head of the Petroleum Trust Fund ( PTF) .

The group under the aegis of Jonde – Jam Fulani Youth Association of Nigeria made the declaration when they met with members of the Buhari Support Organization (BSO ) in Abuja promised

The group ’s National President , Alhaji Saidu Maikano claimed that President Buhari’s track record of integrity and zero tolerance for corrupt practices informed the decision to endorse his second term bid to administer the country.

He noted: ” Atiku is Fulani, Buhari is our Fulani brother too. It is in our culture that a father will select a child worthy of succeeding him before he dies to avoid chaos and succession battle . We have come to the realisation that Buhari was governor , he didn’ t steal , he was minister of petroleum, he didn ’t steal , he was Head of State, he saved money yet he didn ’t steal , he was also head of the PTF , he did not steal and he did well .

” We checked his antecedence and we are convinced that there would be no progress for Nigeria unless he is elected for a second term to be able to fix the rot and multifaceted problems in Nigeria .

“We have looked round , we Fulani’ s sat down and consulted among ourselves and resolved that there is no vacancy in Aso rock for now . Here is a man who doesn ’t own a house abroad, even here in Abuja except in Kaduna and Daura where he could boast of a modest house . Who else is suitable for the presidency in the next four years except Buhari?”

Maikano who was accompanied by dozens of Fulani youths leaders from across the country disclosed that they would embark on a nationwide kola sharing festival aimed at achieving their objective .

He added: “We will give Buhari at least 11 million votes. We have our members everywhere. We don’t need vehicles or motorcycles to campaign. After the Kola eating festival , we know how to get across to our people to get what we want .”

Malama Salamata Usman who spoke on behalf of the Fulani women group declared that President Buhari would enjoy their support even if he is wants an extension of his tenure for as long as 100 years .

She believed that she second term for President Buhari would guarantee peaceful coexistence among Nigerians required for the socioeconomic development of the country.

APC’ s Chairman Central Working Committee Women and Youths team , Brig Gen Buba Muhammed Marwa expressed gratitude to group over the endorsement of President Buhari for a second term in office .

Marwa who served as Borno and Lagos states Military Governor assured that President Buhari would live up to the expectation if elected at the poll on the 16th of this month.