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Dear visitor Our website Fulani News Media www.fulaninewsmedia.com is a website dedicated to providing the visitor with general knowledge about Pullo culture.

The Fulbe is one of the largest ethnic groups in all of continental Africa.

Moreover, not only is the population of Fula indigenous in various parts of Africa, but we also have a diasporic component.

   In countries such as Brazil, Portugal, the United States,Canada France,Canada and the United Kingdom,many people of Fulani origin will be found as new immigrants to other countries. Moreover, the Pullo Diaspora is not a recent phenomenon.

   According to documented reports the Fulbe has reached countries such as Jamaica and North American states such as Mississippi, North Carolina and Maryland during the 18th and 19th centuries.

  Many are unaware that many descendants of Fulani are still attached to their heritage.

   An example of this was a discovery in which a population in the highlands and lowlands of South Carolina counted in the Pulaar language in the 1940s.So, what we are doing here at Fulani News Media is discovering and implementing light of discoveries like this and, above all, to highlight the indigenous Fula community in Africa.

   The Fulbe ethics collective stretches from antiquity to medieval times until medieval times.

   We give voice to our culture in the hope of educating the entire community of viewers on one of the many ethnic groups in mainland Africa.

   Notables from the Fula heritage like 11th century Takrur State War Jabi to brave brothers like Ayoob Sualyman Jallow from the 18th Bundu region in the Gambia who not only ended up in the Americas but returned to Africa.

   The present era of the West with famous scholars such as the late Shehu Umar Ibn Muhammad Falata, born in 1925 in Mecca, although raised in Madinah with Nigerian parents of Fulani ethnicity, we have a vast cultural repertoire like any other ethnic group. At Fulani News Media, we realize that every people has its own culture and we want to.

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