Niger President invites the Expelled French Troops from Mali

Niger President invites the Expelled French Troops from Mali

Just after the announcement of the expulsion of French troops from Mali, the president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum has invited the French and the European mission forces to Niger claiming a measure to strengthen especially in places where they share borders with some neighboring countries. 

In a statement made by Bazoum coming barely a day after France and other European mission forces had agreed to withdraw from the West African country of Mali, he has speculated that the Sahel region of West Africa may soon be facing more troubles in the coming days. 

“Our goal is for our border with Mali to be secure.

“This area will be even more infested, and the terrorist groups will strengthen. We know that they are destined to extend their influence.”

He defended the reason for inviting the French troops because he believes they will be able to defend attacks coming from armed groups around its neighboring countries.

The expelled French troops from Mali estimated to be about 2,400 while the special forces from Europe that had been an ally to the French troops is about 900. The entire troop is expected to leave Mali in March in what France described as an ‘orderly withdrawal.’

According to reports, France has widespread tentacles of about 4,300 troops which is called Barkhane force in many West and Central African countries which include Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso. 

But in a recent development, the French government had no choice than to leave Mali as soon as possible after an unrelenting protest by millions of Malians and African at large.