History Of The Fulani In Nigeria From 4700 Years Ago By Adamu Garba II

History Of The Fulani In Nigeria From 4700 Years Ago By Adamu Garba II

Remember the TELL-ALL Thread about the Origins of the Fulani living in Africa and Nigeria for over 4700 years?

Here now is the TELL-ALL about the origin of the Fulani. Even some of the Fulani might find this shocking.

Here we go......

The Fulani (As they are called in West Africa) are direct descendants of Noah's son Shem who is the father of Arpachshad, the father of Cainan.

The Fulani are of the Asiatic tribe with Semitic Origin, branched up from within Amorites of the Levant, who occupied a large part of Southern Mesopotamia from 21st Century BC.

They produced great kings, notably, Hammurabi.

The Amorites are ancient nomadic tribes, known for herding cattle, goats, and sheep.

After the fall of the Akkadian Dynasty, and the formation of Assyria and Babylonia, the tribe move southward into Egypt, known as the Hyksos.

The Hyksos got into Eqypt around 2040BC as nomadic herders with their cattle, sheep, goats. By the 13th Dynasty Eqypt, the Hyksos were able to get to the top of Power due to their conservative culture, resilience, and high level of intelligence, leadership, and administrative skills.

The Hyksos are also known as the Shepherd Kings, due to their herding of cattle, sheep and goats, and other smaller animals.

Due to tribal affiliation with the Semitic tribe, the Hyksos were instrumental to the eventual rise of Joseph in Eqypt as the Chief Finance Minister.

Eventually, the Hyksos rose to Power and the 15th Dynasty King of Eqypt was of their bloodline. The Hyksos Kings ruled Egypt for 120 years before the exodus.

After the fall of the Hyksos Rulers, (Known as the foreign Kings), they were expelled, during the Exodus, alongside Moses and several other non-Egyptian tribes.

While Prophet Moses as his group crossed the Nile into Canaan, the Hyksos moved into the Lower Eqypt Delta, where it is now called Southern Sudan. They settled there due to the presence of water and grass to tend their animals. In some instances, traveling to Dahomey (through present-day Nigeria) during the Winter-Summer and Back to Sudan during the Autumn-Spring.

During the Moorish wars in Sudan, Africans were killed and massacred, including some of the inhabitants of Fulani. However, due to some cultural and religious connections, some of the Fulani were preserved, but their cattle were confiscated and handed over to their black slaves, to serve at the pleasure of the Royal Al Moravid Kings.

This explains why some largely black people of Sudan owned a large number of cattle. They are from the confiscation of the Moorish warriors who handed over to the slaves to serve as the royal booty of wars.

Some of the Fulani tribe moves westward into Central Africa, Cameroun, and Northern Parts of Nigeria, while some moved eastward to Present Day Rwanda and Some parts of Uganda. Some, however, moved Northward toward Chad, Niger, Parts of Northern Nigeria Mali, Mauritania, and Western Saharawi.

The spread continued to Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote Devoir, Guinea, The Gambia, and Senegal with smaller numbers in countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, and Ghana.

The Fulani founded the Mali Empire Songhai Empire that ruled from the 15th to 16th Century, until its invasion by the Moorish warriors of the Moroccan dynasty and dissolved it in 1591. The Bambara Empire and Massina Empire. All these empires stretch from the Central and Western African Countries, including most of Nigeria, from Borgu to Oyo, upward to Senegal.

The Jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio of the 1800s was a response to a high level of injustice and provocation of the ruling elite against the poor and the weak in the society, with the aim of rebuilding the social fabrics, already destroyed by the excesses of the elite.

Thus, from the arrival of the Hyksos (Fulani in West Africa) in Egypt in 2040BC, it can be seen clearly that the Fulani have been in and around Africa, including Nigeria for the past 4700 years.

When the Fulanis moved into Nigeria, most of the tribes, especially those within the rain forest don't even know how to wear clothes. It was the Fulani that first brought the system of the central government, administration, commerce, and civilization to Africa, long before the so-called colonial masters.

The Fulani have been relatively peaceful, respectful of all environments they found themselves and supportive of the local population.

This can be seen in how to quickly assimilate into Eqypt culture, to Sudan, Mali, Hausa, and even Yoruba Culture in the present day Kwara state.

Attempt at complete criminalization of the name Fulani simply because of the actions of few is grossly unfair to this very progressive, development-oriented, and law and order-driven group of people called the Fulani Clans.

Granted, some can be bad and exhibit some criminal behaviors, which should rightfully be condemned, but generally, the Fulani are more tolerant, more receptive of the foreign culture, and more involving, juster, and more balance in their actions and leadership expressions.

The Hyksos (Fulanis) brought civilization to Egypt, Sudan, Sahel, down to rain forest Africa. Even in East Africa, the Tutsis, (Tribe of Paul Kagame) and Wahume of Kenya are the cousins and offshoots of the Fulani tribe, the settled, intermarry, and brought civilization to the region.

Whoever is telling you that the Fulani just came to Nigeria from Senegal or Somewhere here should go and learn History.

Adamu Garba II