Thierno Souleymane's political thought: a lesson for humanity 

Thierno Souleymane's political thought: a lesson for humanity 

Thierno (Cherno) Souleymane Baal is a great political figure of Fouta Toro who became the first #Almami of Futa Toro in the 18th Century. He was the head of the ′′ toroodo revolution ", a reform movement that ended the Deeniyanké regime, based on absolute monarchy and caste regime  which was deemed very rooted in Fouta Toro at the time. He went on to institute a new way of democratic governance in Senegal: a model based on good governance, justice and freedom. 

Below is an excerpt of Thierno Souleymane Baal's speech held in 1776

′′ People of Fouta, you promised to follow the man who would open the door for you to get out of the deeniyankee yoke and end the tyranny of Moors. I am your man. I opened this door. You need to belt your waists (stand firm) to make God's cause triumph so that God can grant you victory... Victory is with patients. 

I don't know if I'll find death or not in this fight. But if I die, take a scientist, scrupulous and honest Imam who doesn't love power for power. After you elect him, if you see him enriching himself, impeach him, take away his ill-acquired property. If he refuses his revocation, fight him and drive him away so that he may not leave his descendants an inherited throne. Elect to replace him another Imam, a man of science and action from any social background. 
Don't let the throne be a monopoly of the same tribe, because if you do, it will turn into a hereditary good. Whoever deserves it become your king. Do not kill children or old man. Let none of you lay bare a woman; if we do, it will be a worse scandal than crime ".

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Source Memoire de Thierno Souleymane baal