Fulbe Africa and partners meets GBoS Officials

Fulbe Africa and partners meets GBoS Officials

On Monday, April 15th, 2024 Fulbe Africa and some of its partner associations visited GBoS officials for a meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was that Fulbe Africa spotted an issue with the form generated by GBoS to recruit staff for the coming census. The issue was that in the form, there was a section asking about ethnicities and under Fulbe, they unfortunately seemed to have segregated the tribe into three, namely:

Lorobo and 
Knowing that these are all different dialects under one tribe, which is Fula, we deemed it necessary to bring it to the attention of the authorities at GBoS. 
Happily enough, the management received us warmly, and we had a very fruitful meeting with them. We shared our concerns and the GBoS officials, including the Statistician General, Mr Nyakassi Sanyang indicated that it was an error from their part due to IT issues but they have no intentions of segregating Fulbe into different tribes. 
He stated that what they usually do is to grouped all these dialects of Fulbe under one category, as in Fula/Lorobo/Tukukor _for a single entry code._ 

They promised to rectify the error before the data collection begins. 
Fulbe Africa and its partners, however, advised them to maintain only Fula as a tribe and remove all the rest of the dialects as there are even more than three Fulbe dialects. 

Finally, the GBoS officials promised to make the necessary changes and urged the associations present to help in sensitisation of the entire Gambian population about the all-important exercise. 

 _Fullbeb Africa is hereby reaffirming our support to GBoS in conducting a successful census and therefore encouraging all individuals to participate in this important national excersis._ 

Thank you!