Niger at the crossroads of the African continent. That is why from the birth of the Organization of African Unity OAU to that of the African Union AU, our country has always been present at all pan-African meetings.Both on the continent and outside Indeed in 1963 Niger was among all the negotiations to create the Organization of African Unity and in 2012 the African Union AU. Since the creation of the subregional groups and subgroups our country has been at all the meetings and summits Niger has everywhere and always made its voice heard and defended our positions as well as those of the continent

We are members of all the political, economic, social and cultural committees. We must remember that our country managed the General Secretariat during the time of our compatriot Ide Oumarou and Oumarou Youssouf had occupied the chair of the representative of the OAU at the level of the United Nations As for our compatriot DIALLO Cheick Ousmane he will ensure the position of Director of Cabinet under the Presidency of DIALLO Telli a Eteki MBOMA a EDEM Kodjo Before being entrusted with the creation of the Pan African Information Agency PANA in Dakar

At the Summit to be held in Addis Ababa and which will be chaired by President BAZOUM, our country invites all members to be present To invest financially by paying their dues. The structure must face expenses to assume its sovereign mission Money being the nerves of war the members of the Organization should regularly pay their dues to build their continent. Indeed, the problems and the deficits are immense while everything is a priority The 36th Summit of African leaders is an opportunity for a collective awareness Especially at a time when our populations are threatened by a terrorism that strikes blindly everywhere Killing women children and that without any restraint No day goes by without civilians and our SDF are killed In any case we are threatened everywhere even in our homes and villages

Since then, man and nature have turned their backs on each other and carelessly ignore each other. The infernal machine invented by man is against man to serve him instead of serving him, putting on top of him without menagement.Giving our cradle an etric and broken image such of reverberations. Man has thus invented the monster that destroys him little by little, Jungle or not, we are getting rid of our cardinal values and instead we have a tail molotove.La trust and solidarity have emptied the floor to hide.We find it difficult to recognize ourselves and to compose Everything there is to push us to destroy what our predecessors should give us to build and develop our countries and our continent What have become of our borders and what are they still used for?  The sky is moving away from him by removing his shadow leaving an infinite void with a bitter taste.  . The beautiful and bold recommendations of the Addis Joint Declaration. d Arruchah of Paris, London and Sirthe what was it used for? We still refuse to be the Damned of the earth and this is as true as the earth never lies.

By Dr Abdoulahi Hassan Diallo

Republic Niger diplomatic journalist