VP Dr Juldeh Jalloh Accuses of Political Interference.

VP Dr Juldeh Jalloh Accuses of Political Interference.

The Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone  Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has been accused of undermining the work of the Judiciary an organ of government many people believe should be independent and free from political interference. 

The Sierra Leone Judiciary is the third arm of government after the Excutive and Legislative whose role is to interprete the law, punish law breakers and give equal justice and right to every Sierra Leoneans  devoid of political color, tribe and region one may belongs. 

In recent times citizens have water dawn the integrity of not only the Office of the Vice President but also the holder of such office. 

Many concern citizens have also question the integrity  and independence of the Judiciary a public entity many believe should do it work regardless of who is involve or the party in power. 
It is no longer a secrete that the Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh is taken a cup of tea with certain matters before the Judiciary. 

One of those many matters the Vice President have shown interest is the one that involve Alhaji  Juldeh Sow Manger/CEO of  Tabital Pulaaku International Sierra Leone Chapter Limited by Gaurantee and Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone  registered as  Community/ Non Governmental Organization by the Fula Tribal Authority and the Fullah Progressive Union. 

Evidences this medium have set eyes on shows that the Vice President is supporting one side over the other. 

It's could be recalled that Alhaji Juldeh Sow was the National Representative  of Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone  to the parent body of Tabital Pulaaku International. 

He was  removed from his position as national representative from Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone after National Consultative Meeting of Fula stakeholders from both the Fullah Tribal Authorities  and the Fullah Progressive Union when they discovered  that he has no respect or regard for the Fullah Chieftaincy and the Fullah Progressive Union that appointed him.

He was also accused of engaging in cladestine activities that aim at reversing the many gains if not all  made over the years by the Fullah Community in Sierra Leone. 

Alhaji Juldeh Sow upon the process of his removal went ahead and registered the same organization under the Cooperate Affairs Commission with the name Tabital Pulaaku International Sierra Leone Chapter Limited by Guarantee with the registration number SL 181220TABIT09734. 

This act by Alhaji  Juldeh Sow goes against the parent body Tabital Pulaaku International and Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone that are registered as NGO/Community Based Organization. 

What is more heat rendering is that Alhaji Juldeh Sow has taken Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone members and the Fullah Headman Western Area to court   before Justice Adrian Fisher. 

Investigation carry out by this medium indicates that Vice President  Dr Juldeh  Jalloh on  several occasion have called Justice Adrian Fisher to express his  interest over the ongoing matter. 

It is not clear whether Justice Fisher will stoop low to the call of Vice President Dr Juldeh Jalloh. If this happen it has the tendency to hamper the integrity of Justice Fisher. 

This medium will continue to monitor the outcome of the matter.