Ukraine to withdraw its forces from UN missions - report

Ukraine to withdraw its forces from UN missions - report

Ukraine plans to recall all its troops and equipment, including helicopters, from UN peacekeeping missions in Africa and Europe to help in the fight against Russian troops, Reuters news agency reports.

Local Ukrainian media said on Tuesday that President Volodymyr Zelenskiy had issued an order for all Ukrainian soldiers and officers on UN peacekeeping missions to return home and join the resistance against the Russian forces

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There are around 300 Ukrainian personnel active in six UN. missions. The biggest contingent of Ukrainians currently serve in the mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo known as Monusco.

It is made up of eight Ukrainian helicopters and a 250-member aviation unit, a Monusco spokesman told Reuters.

He added that they have received a Ukrainian notification recalling the troops.

A few other Ukrainians work in various capacities in UN missions in Mali, South Sudan, Sudan, Cyprus and Kosovo, the UN. peacekeeping website says.

It unclear how the Ukrainian withdrawal from DR Congo will impact on Monusco's capabilities, especially in the east where the helicopters are based.
Source: BBC