Is humanity at risk?

Is humanity at risk?

This question has the right to be asked in relation to everything that human beings experience and beyond, everything that exists on earth. Alas, because our time harvests, which has been sown by generations and generations of our fellow men, since the dawn of time. Ours also prints, its mark with tools that are sometimes more inhuman than those of our predecessors. Even, if certain times were prosperous and calm, full of happiness and peace. Humanity has been forged through the history of the ages, from that of stone cut to ours and which evolves. Ours, the one we live in, presently called “modern” or globalist is not immune to tremors, abrupt and brutal natural transformations and degradations too. We sometimes live
very difficult moments with all these killings which tear apart our social fabric and especially disorganize us Which places us in the spotlight of so many news and which plunges us right in the heart of tragic and painful events. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa we are between the hammer and the anvil with this pandemic called coronavirus or covid 19. According to specialists.


Going back would necessarily lead us to diagnose, at least to understand why this humanity, our great benefactor, is all abused by its inhabitants? Was this era of man’s struggle for survival and to dominate nature? By using his intelligence and often his physical strength to be able to coexist with the animal species and nature. Man has established himself by forging a tamer’s stature thanks again to his intelligence which has placed him above everything. But, again and again the man who sometimes fights the man his fellow man instead of helping him.
. This era was like a jungle where you had to kill to live. Otherwise die to allow the other to feed on your substance. Such was the law of the jungle and of nature What the great white book Therisse and Mamadou and Bineta explained to us. Already at primary school in our village Difficult passage of the first men in life. Physical strength and muscles made the law even if man simply sought to improve his existence.
Man evolves, his intelligence increases and he discovers more of the universe he tames as he goes along while his animal instinct unfortunately evolves. We will retain that under all skies of astronomical scientific discoveries are made by scientists to make life more pleasant However, on the contrary the more powerful man, devotes himself to a systematic destruction of nature and its similar. discernment, unfortunately sometimes putting his intelligence at the service of the devil. And that brings us naturally to recognize this adage which says “that in each one of us dozens the angel and the devil and that each part manifests itself in its time” Which is the characteristic of us all. But from there, to make tanks, cannons, rockets, bombs hoisted and screwed on combat planes, warships, grenades, rockets and rocket launchers, rifles to kill indiscriminately. destructive arsenal Destruction has become like a human favorite sport. Which leads us to say without hesitation that humanity is really in danger. The King is naked. Otherwise where has the human intelligence of those who taunt us gone, sometimes treating us with a residual and negligible amount on this earth where each being nevertheless has his plot and his place in the cemetery? Did our ancestors, the Gaullois, lose their language or are they in hibernation? Confined in the West while waiting for the Covid 19 to disappear from myopic radars, we entrust our souls to God. Because all day long, we grop our ears during the debates and contradictions of specialists, the same discourse. Without ever going to the basics: digging down and decapitating the watch that has become invisible. So when will this end? Calvaries that traumatize and kill at will everywhere? Where are the drummers boasting of trumpeting that they control and manage humanity at the touch of a button? You just have to activate. But where are all these scientists, those scientists who from their research centers or laboratories say they control the actions of our entire humanity? Covid 19, this pandemic has become an invisible ball of chrital. This monster which travels without fear and without concern? . The birth of this virus sends us back to reality: Science yes, but God above all. Our Ivorian brothers rightly say that God is great but that white is not small. So be it! because God alone is in control. We have our natural products in Africa that our parents before the colonial era and still today use. Our traditional healers have a traditional medical kit which reassures us. And this without having never learned a foreign language minus an imported and imposed science Or having taken the plane to leave their continent Africa, this mother of humanity where life has begun . If man is as powerful as he says or believes, the coronavirus would be nipped in the bud and not be born And even born we would have been rid of it. And could never have crossed the continents , mountains, seas and oceans to seek refuge in Africa. The King is naked. Indeed, when we observe what happened during the two great world wars, with the others also colonial on all the planet while passing by those which we lived in Iraq in Libya and now in Syria, we are entitled to express concerns about our fate. Because we are threatened in our own huts, our villas, our concessions, our fields, our offices, our streets, in our markets, our wells, in our public places our mosques and our churches, in the Fadas of our youth. We are in danger, everywhere in our palaces, our cars, outside and inside, even in our own privacy. We are, big and small, women and men, young and old, rich or poor and even in our hospitals, standing or sitting, privileged targets of these savage hordes who murder indiscriminately like the virus. While our churches, mosques and barracks have been raped, our priests and marabouts kidnapped and slaughtered like cattle. Our cities are looted and burned while the assailant takes the time to take everything away and even the leisure to pick up his dead, far from our eyes. At each operation, by day in principle, these attackers fear nothing at all and do not burden themselves with any morality or any pity. We are exposed to the vengeance of those without faith or law who circulate and undoubtedly sleep among us. Without worrying, they move as they please. This is called terrorism which destroys us everywhere and everywhere. We are right to say that we are between the hammer and the anvil. Our salvation is found in our unity and our African solidarity to lead to the construction of our States and our Continent. If we want to develop and be responsible for our own security. We have the means, just put the will and the determination. We must now tackle the establishment of this great scientific research center which exists only on paper. In any case, the lesson must be learned because time passes and never stops. Also, we must indeed be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes, I pay tribute to all these researchers, scientists, medical personnel who, around the world, sacrifice themselves to preserve our health and our lives. White, black or yellow they find my recognition here, especially in this difficult time for them. By abandoning their families to skim all their lives in their offices and with the confined and other sick Thank you and that this period will one day become only a bad memory


In the absence of any logic we are still entitled to question the motivation and the origin of these damned of the earth. Whether they are called Jihadists or Boko Haram, does that change anything in the perverse behavior they adopt towards the populations they attack and massacre with impunity? However, if you think about it and look carefully, you can even see that certain countries or states are immune to the actions of terrorists. While the Sahel zone, Niger, Burkina, Mali and Chad are the preferred targets and refuges for these criminals. Amazing and weird all the same? Why ? Or is it a question of squandering our natural wealth or preventing people from taking advantage of it? Africans must react vigorously by refusing to take on a responsibility that is not theirs. We must find the culprits who taunt us from the top of their terraces where they take pleasure in destroying us. We are only poor victims. Where does all this arsenal of war come from in defiance of our sovereignty and our existence Instead of lamenting or sending our young soldiers into combat where the enemy is invisible, we must equip and train our SDFs. These men and women who sacrifice themselves all day long to allow us to sleep peacefully. It would be desirable that, in addition to our moral support, that the State make a voluntary financial contribution on the allowances of our parliamentarians, our ministers . In other very difficult moments like those we are going through, our country had to carry out such an operation. So the other citizens could at will, each according to their means or their function, participate in this kind of contribution effort national. Because we are all challenged This is why, we must find out about the terrorists who move without problem everywhere. This will give us more visibility to better secure our states and our borders. We know that our states are making commendable efforts. But, given the magnitude of the problems, we need to redouble our collective efforts. However, if the example comes from above, it is necessary to manage this windfall with transparency and clarity. An ad hoc Commission or Committee which will be required to report regularly on the matter. Regularly to reassure contributors since trust is said, does not exclude control. In order to break with the old habits established until then and which separated the citizen from the management of his own destiny. I was going to say his implication in the management of the public thing of which he must be counter and actor.

. We must ask ourselves the following questions: What physical, moral, spiritual, divine force do these terrorists have and which leads them to challenge all of humanity? Who are they and on what or on whom do they count to embark on what can be described as murderous madness or an adventure let’s say without tomorrow? Who are behind these macabre scenes? Because no matter what they say, these monsters are not faceless and since we kill some. They are beings like you and me, so they can be controllable. So why are we the victims? We must detect them, capture them where possible and bring them to the court of history. So that these kinds of wild hordes never again reappear on the earth and especially on our African continent which has paid enough a heavy tribe. And because every question has an answer and every problem has a solution. But to find them sometimes you have to look and sometimes even far. But. It’s up to us to look for them. They’re there, hidden somewhere.


As for the summit meetings of the Heads of State of the African Union, we have our say. Indeed, these continental forums should constitute a forum to clearly translate the aspirations and concerns of our peoples. In order to find a solution to this phenomenon of terrorism which annoys and prevents Africans from sleeping peacefully .. Yes, the opportunities offered our honored countries to host these important meetings of African leaders on the Continent. Or not. Talk about it publicly to kill the abscess, once and for all in order to tackle this tragic case. As in Niamey which was for a few days, the capital of Africa, this great meeting of giving and receiving. At the Conference of AU Member States. A forum where important decisions had been made and which we hoped will be put into action. In 1963 at the end of the creation of the OAU on May 25, the wishes of the Founding Fathers were: Unity, the creation of a Currency, the Common Market, an African Army, a Cultural Center of Research, the Path of iron and Roads across the continent That is to say the means of communication in order to open up our countries which suffer and struggle to evacuate their natural resources. We believe that our Heads of State during the meetings will also reopen the case of the Pan African News Agency, the Pana News Agency which could become a better tool for Pan African Communication. Because in this area also we are dependent on the outside, the Agence France Presse or simply RFI BBC, and others. We have a lot of human potential and natural resources, the evacuation of which poses problems for our States which have problems making their voices heard. Finally, why not rehabilitate Air Afrique which was a pride before sinking like most of the creations of the OAU. To review the real files with the partners, traditional or new in order to agree with them solutions as regards Diaspora. To re-examine the thorny problem of immigration, which poisons and taints our relations which should remain excellent and cordial. This is surely the place to tap the table to attract the attention of our partners so that they facilitate the movement of our nationals: visas, titles of stays ect … By playing reciprocity, the States being all Sovereign, should do hear our voice. So reduce the living conditions of our African nationals and family reunification In Europe especially where they are exposed to various harassments from the police or other services. Match the Diaspora and diplomatic representations in order to manage together the various problems inherent in their stay Keep the emotional link with our respective countries. Hence, the creation of the Councils of African Nationals whom we salute and to whom we wish good luck to bring help and support to new arrivals
It would be conceivable to create a Pan-African High Council to federate all these Councils of Africans outside. With headquarters in the AU premises. We will gain and they will be able to support our States and the AU also because the crumbling of structures naturally weakens our efforts, constant are they? Our continent must tighten the elbow to carry high and far our concerns and our needs. That is why, it would be moreover even more responsible that the African Union registers and brings the case of terrorism to the Tribune of Nations United to the Security Council to involve the international community, certain members of which are at the base of the disintegration of our States (Iraq and especially Libya and now Syria) Because whatever one says, we are all concerned. And we have to remember that what happens to Paul may well happen to Peter too. I think that our only salvation is in our Union and Unity which are slow to materialize. It doesn’t matter our different ideologies or sensibilities. We must count on these great meetings of African member states of the AU to restore the image and the image of our Continent which has suffered so much and which suffers from so many scourges that it does not deserve. . We must agree and put all the problems on the table to finally take the ideal path which should lead to the construction of our States, to the consolidation of our Unity. In order to strive for harmonious development in a Free and Prosperous Africa. Because once again, nobody will come to build our States and build our Continent for us. And because present and future generations are waiting. Rightly In this blessed month of Ramadan, I wish peace, tranquility, luck, health and longevity, prosperity to all Muslims in the world and to all of humanity. We already anticipate great world upheavals after the coronavirus.

Let us take advantage of this memorable day of May 10 to commemorate the abolition of slavery that we owe to our sister Christiane Taubira, former Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, to invite all Democrats around the world and all Africans to combine to make this great event a historic day of combat and struggle for Africans. Many of whom have sacrificed their lives. For the collective memory.

Dr Abdoulaye HASSANE DIALLO, Political scientist, Specialist in African issues, Speaker and Consultant, Journalist, Writer and General Controller of EFOPPRIMES Niamey