Dr Ahmed Bola Asiwaju Tinubu is From Maiduguri Not Lagos_Sarkin Yakin Bola Tinubu( Hon Aminu Jor)

It's time for the North to Return the favour to the man who deserves the gesture says Hon. Aminu Jor who is also known as Sarkin Yakin Bola Tinubu.

As 2023 Campaign Rallies begin to resurface, the young Northern Nigerian called for Dr Bola Tinubu to come and serve Nigeria, Aminu Jor who is an enthusiastic fans and lover of Bola Tinubu revealed his affections to his icon and appeal the North Should Endorse Tinubu comes 2023 as these is the only way the North can repay the gesture given to them by Bola Tinubu...

Just watch the video clip which was caption in Hausa language to listing to more.