After the coup d’etat in Mali: Imam Dicko receives the CNSP

After the coup d’etat in Mali: Imam Dicko receives the CNSP

The spokesperson for the junta which took power this Tuesday August 18 in Mali invited in a speech read on national television “Civil society and socio-political movements to join us to together create the best conditions for a civil political transition, leading to credible general elections for the exercise of democracy through a roadmap which will lay the foundations for a new Mali ”.

An invitation that has not gone unheeded. This is evidenced by the visit made this Wednesday at the beginning of the afternoon to Imam Dicko by members of the CNSP. A far from trivial choice for what this religious represents within the June 5 movement which has given IBK food for thought for several months.

“The finishers at Imam Dicko,” announced the authenticated Facebook page of the Coordination of Movements, Association and Sympathizers of Imam Dicko. It now remains to determine the subjects around which the members of the CNSP delegation and the religious will discuss.

But, given the context, it goes without saying that the future of Mali and the aims of the M5 RFP will be at the center of the discussions.