AFRICAN FREEDOM HOUSE, Alassane BA explains...

AFRICAN FREEDOM HOUSE, Alassane BA explains...

Alassane BA ,Pan-African activist

Alassane Bâ is a young pan-African activist who initiated the Great March for the United States of Africa on 23 April 2016, which has now become an international movement.
This young activist also had the initiative of setting up the AFRICAN FREEDOM HOUSE, which will host the DOOR OF RETURN opposite the Door of No Return from the famous slave house in Gorée island. 

Alassane BA, can you tell us about the House of African Freedom?

First of all, thank you for interviewing us about this great project.
In fact, the House of African Freedom will be a symbolic place for the decolonisation of the African continent in the face of the colonial or neo-colonialist system that has persisted for centuries in the subconscious of our peoples. And from there we are going to make it a sacred place that will enable us to restore African dignity and historical truth.

Can you tell us how representative it is from a continental and diaspora perspective?

You know that it's a reality today to think of this House that will represent for the children of the diaspora like the paternal house in Africa, a place of pilgrimage once in Africa and this environment that will give them the feeling of coming back home after the deportation of their or our ancestors from Gorée island to the other world of suffering. It is through this DOOR OF RETURN that they will enter the continent, Mother Earth.
As far as Africans are concerned, the House of FREEDOM will represent for them a father's home that has never been enslaved or colonised, and whoever enters it will feel free in terms of human dignity.

And how will the House of FREEDOM be structured?

The House of African Freedom will be made up of departments of decolonisation or deconstruction in all fields. And, of course, decolonisation will be based on deep-rootedness, which is very well established before the opening. In other words, to make the difference between what was or still is African before following the world towards human evolution. And from there we'll have clear ideas that will enable us to move forward on the human organisation of Africa, whether it's a continental government with the diaspora in a federation or a confederation, it depends on what it is, but it's in the direction of the definitive unity of Africans.
And we haven't forgotten the departments that will be responsible for welcoming the children of the diaspora, integrating them into our societies after a sort of acculturation, helping them to settle in Africa for those who intend to do so, and teaching them local languages, for example.

Is the DOOR OF RETURN a department or how will it be involved in this project?

When we talk about the Door of Return, we even have tears in our eyes, because the day you see the demonstration of the Diaspora people walking through the gate singing "we're finally back home, our mum and dad's house", you'll see.
This is the symbol we're talking about, and we'll be welcoming them by saying "welcome brothers and sisters".
And in the house there will be dormitories that will allow them to experience the feeling of being back home, even if they're only staying for 10 days or even a month.

What role will the government play?

Well, we'd like to take this opportunity to appeal to the Senegalese government and the African Union, as well as all the pan-African organisations and pan-Africanist leaders, to support this great pan-African project of theirs.

What is the main aim of the project?

In a nutshell, the aim of this project is to ensure that the Pan-African world has a common agenda, so that we can work together to fight for the total success of the project, which is the definitive unity of the African continent and its Diaspora.

Can you tell us about the financing of this great project?

Well, this project opens the door to all the organisations, African governments and great leaders who are fighting day and night to see a free Africa to contribute financially and intellectually to bring this project to fruition.
What's more, we're getting ready for a major funderising  to kick things off. Our first choice is the United States (the black American diaspora) because we wanted to give our black brothers and sisters some love, so that for once they can feel the pleasure of having a parent come to pick them up and take them home.
And then we'll continue the journey to other parts of the world.

Thanks to all
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