Top 10 pulaar’en Hip hop album’s

Top 10 pulaar’en Hip hop album’s

Hip hop top 10 sixth album
Hip hop pulaar has nothing to envy to other hip hop. Our artists are talented and committed.
Find my new selection of the week. In this period of confinement, a selection of pieces of Awareness but also pieces that will elevate us and allow us to live this containment with serenity.
Good viewing and especially sharing in your network once viewed
10 – ADVISER Tous ensemble contre le covid-19″

9 – CapoLy RAP RIM 2019″ Majjere

8 – Aadé- Feat -Capoly-Byha-Penda

7 – Dougou Demmé Danniyanké

6 – Tinnoda NFC ft Dana

5 – “Halima Bah & Micah Shemaiah – Jamaica Guinea

4 – SunShine”

3- Bab LY ( Outlook Rap Eyes) – Yaffo Mine Clip”

2 – Yero Gaynaako “BEYAAT

1 – Corona Virus/Covid 19!!! Safaray