South western Nigeria was known for her peaceful co-existence with among the people of different ethnic and religious nationalities. Their peaceful co-existence with both settled Fulanis and herdsmen have made it difficult for many Nigerians to believe that fulanis have been in most part of Western Nigeria states since before colonialism and today the number of herdsmen cattle  in Oyo state and ogun state alone are more than the number of cattle in the whole northwestern part of the country. However, Since the beginning of this year this year thousands of innocents soles of Fulanis in South West have suffer an ultimate death without publication Any reasonable person with the mindset of offering solution to a problem can begin to be wondering that, what could be the cause?

At the beginning of this year an ultimatum was given to a most popular Fulani leader in Oyo state (Alh. Salihu Abdulkadir) sarkin Fulani of Oyo state, to vacate igangan where he has lived for more than 50 years. Prior to this ultimatum Amatekun storm his near by Village and killed a  70 years old man and  his two children and claim to do so on the invitation of Alh. Yakubu of Iseyin, Bani of Iseyin and Aliyu Mustapha known as Ali Hore. Prior to this also there was a leadership tussle between the Alh. Salihu Abdulkadir Sarkin Fulani of Oyo sate and  Alh. Yakubu of Iseyin and his Supporters Bani of Iseyin and Aliyu Mustapha, where Alh. Yakubu want himself by all means be Coronated as The Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state and have Alh. Salihu Abdulkadir demoted to only Sarkin Fulani of Igangan not Oyo state.

At the same time, election of new set of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders MACBAN is due and while Alh. Yakubu was the outgoing Chairman of the Association, Alh. Ibrahim Salihu the son same Sarkin Fulani of Oyo was among the contestant. Therefore Alh. Yakubu masterminded the election to sweet his choice when it became  pertinent that Alh. Ibrahim Salihu was going to win the election. Ibrahim Salihu expressed his dissatisfaction over the method through a legal action by challenging the nomination of Alh. Jiji by Alh. Yakubu instead of allowing the election to hold in a court of law. As a result of this, Alh. Ibrahim Sarki  his father and their supporters were perceived as a threat to the political aggrandizement of Alh. Yakubu of Isyen, Bani of Iseyin, Ali Hore and their supporters. Therefore they resulted in every act of atrocities and  conspiracy to make sure they get Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state out of Oyo state in order to get a filed day in Oyo state.

Investigations and common sense have proven the fact that all the allegations against Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state was mere lies motivated toward blackmailing him and tarnishing his image as many police stations have  proving his ability and efforts to bring peace and security in his domain and Oyo state at large. One of the false allegations on Sarki was kidnapping and killing of doctor Aborode and to God be the glory the perpetuators have been arrested and non of them have link to Sarki. And many police stations in Ibarapa have testify that Sarki has ulser the arrest of many kidnappers both from Yoruba and Fulani, then what is expected of him again?. The Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state have a good relationship with the majority of the people of Igangan and still maintain the relationship as they keep calling and giving necessary information to him. But at this juncture one can be confused of then, why the ‘ultimatum?

The Enemies of Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state who perceived his presence as a threat to their interest was the one that strategically carried out a well organized coup again him that is Alh. Yakubu of Isyen, Bani of Iseyin and Aliyu Mustapha know as Ali Hore. They strategically located the enemies of Sarki among Yorubas in his domain and sponsored them to find all the ways possible of evicting him out of Oyo state. The  evident are as follow:

• Alh. Yakubu,  Bani and Ali Hore had a meeting in igangan with some Yorubas to carryout this attack in igangan where they took oath, there are Evidents of this meeting.

• Despite the eviction of Sarki and his family in igangan Alh. Yakubu's allies still live peacefully in Ibarapa.

• Despite the attacks and killings of Fulanis in the whole Yoruba land, nothing happened to all Alh. Yakubu Supporters and the Fulanis living in Iseyin and it envro. Where afore mentioned people reside.

• This people held meeting and went to alaafin of Oyo to impeach Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state and enthrone them. 

• Same people recently published an allegations against Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state children that they are training Bandits to come and attack on state and Ibarapa in particular.

However with this point I any reasonable person have realised the political conspiracy against Sarkin Fulani of Oyo state. This set of people are responsible for the woes of all fulanis in Yoruba land because the crisis they sponsored served as the basis for all that are happening to fulanis today in Yoruba land. Yorubas say “ togiri obalanu alangba ole wogiri” therefore the PLIGHT OF FULANIS IN THE south west is from internal. From disgruntled elements set of criminals who parade as leaders, only fulanis can explain a kind of person Bani and Ali Hore is criminal element charge and bail leaders. With this fact any country with reasonable well functioning security would have those people invited for investigation. Unlike nigeria where real criminals accuse innocents as criminals. Where criminals are treated with kid glove and innocents suffer.