Six Lessons from Chadwick Boseman

Six Lessons from Chadwick Boseman

1. Believe In Your Journey:
The first acting roles that Chadwick got portrayed the stereotypical negative image of a young black men. He played it well, as you would expect. His directors called and told him how proud they were of him and the good work he was doing. He in turn told them about how he felt about portraying that negative image of his people. They weren’t happy with him; he got the sack.
He lost his first opportunity because he spoke his mind about what he felt was right. He went back to college and had a good comeback. The rest is history. Never feel intimidated to the extent of getting yourself entangle in situations you can’t escape from. Take charge of your journey.

2. Help When You Can
The second lesson from his life is not about what he did but what someone else did. Denzil Washington supported Boseman’s education. He just gave a hand when he could, little did he know he was helping in the making of another like him. Help where you can, you never know who the child you support is going to be.

3. Never Too Early
Chadwick only live for 44 years but left a legacy that many who lived much longer than him could not. This is because he was not overtaken by his youthful exuberance and energy. He focused on his purpose, kept his eyes on the price, making sure every day counted. It is never too early to make a difference. Do what you can at any given point in your life. There is always something you can do and what might seem little to you can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.
4. Never Too Late: Keep Going
Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. He has since then gone on to have some of the most impactful projects of recent times. He has grown, gained success for himself and helped others on their journeys, all within a space of four year that he was battling with the illness that took his life. Chad chose to not give-up when it was the closest option to him. He took every opportunity he had with the conviction that it is never too late to do great.
5. Give The Man His Flower Now
Let’s learn to celebrate our great men and woman who are building our communities. Giving them big medal, prestigious awards and long eulogies after they are gone will not be as valuable as giving them the respect they deserve when they are alive here and with us. Communities are made up of people, a community/nation that does not have (or celebrate) great personalities cannot have a great identity. They do not have to die for us to learn lessons from their lives. Let’s recognize the stars and create platforms for them to inspire young ones to great.
6. Be Nice
One of Chad’s last videos on social media got a lot of online troll. People were making fun of his weight loss, not knowing the brother was battling with an illness that ended up taking his life. You never know what people are dealing with, so, BE NICE or BE QUIET.
We live in a day and age when people celebrate ‘savagery’. Online platform that were supposed to offer spaces for free speech are dominated by the meanest of people. Many shy away from speaking on these platforms for the fear of being grilled/roasted. Cyber bullying is fast becoming one of the main tools for suppression. You don’t have to be mean to be funny.

Rest In Peace T’Challa, King of Wakanda.

By Samba Bah