Atiku’s palliatives causes serious disharmony in Jada area of Adamawa

Atiku’s palliatives causes serious disharmony in Jada area of Adamawa

May 30, 2020116

Atiku’s palliatives causes serious disharmony in Jada area of Adamawa

By Tom Garba,Yola

Palliatives Said to brought by the former Vice President of Nigeria,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar our correspondent confirmed to have caused a serious disharmony among suppose intended beneficiaries in Jada LGA area of Adamawa State.

An Indigene of Jada,Rabiu Adamu Jada revealed during a telephone interview that many people complained of the palliative that suppose to be a good gesture but somehow diverted by some Atiku’s Political errand Boys.

He said the two thousand bags of cement and three hundreds bundles of roofing zinc send by the former Vice President to Cushion the effects of wild wind that caused a serious disaster and destroyed about two hundreds and fifty houses does not reached to the 20% of the real affected People.

He blamed one Arabo Sheik and his brother Alfa Mahmud who were the arrow Head of the palliative Distribution to bring in political sentiments and falsehood while Distributing the palliatives.

“Arabo and his Brother has succeeded in once more time denting the name of Atiku Abubakar black in our community, and probably did that because of their selfish interest for the purpose of enriching themselves.

“Authentic records from both Adamawa State Emergency management agency (ADSEMA) and the District head of Jada Alhaji Umaru Ardo revealed that the total houses destroyed by the rain storm was recorded to be two hundred and fifty but the committee saddled with the responsibility of sharing the palliatives told Atiku six hundreds houses were destroyed.

“This attitude is really not good by those who are aides to people like Atiku. Worse of it all they politicise the sharing of the palliative to only those from PDP and those they claimed voted for Atiku in 2019, if you are in APC or ADC they will not consider you for the palliative.” Rabiu said

A victim of the rain storm who does not want his name to be published lamented that his name was penciled down to collect ten bags of cement and one bundle of roofing zinc but was given a standing order to return back half of what he collected as kick back for being shortlisted.

He said the whole palliatives is just another way to get money from Atiku the way they use to and to cheat on innocent people who are victim of the natural disaster, this very unfortunate for people to celebrate the evil that befalls other people.

He also said that Bello Gambo APC Secretary who is supposed to be the chairman of the committee was accused of sabotaging the good efforts of Atiku by following the strict instructions of Sheik Arabo and sucumbing to fake readership of Alfa Mahmud to denied the real victims of the uncalled disaster.

Mallam Hamza Mohammed is another Man who was on the list to collect the help because his house was equally destroyed said the Committee refused to hearken to the advice of Alhaji Umaru Ardo, District Head of Jada which would have serve the interest of the real victims not the fake victims that benefited.

He said the Mornach advised Adamu Atiku that the list be brought to him and the committee to work alongside his men (masu anguwa) who knows the real victims but only for Arabo to overruled Adamu and go ahead with his evil intention and politics to sabotage the kind gesture intended to by the former Vice President.

He said the Committee incharge of the palliatives double the number of the affected people for the purpose of cheating from the onset, Maximum number of people affected as revealed by both ADSEMA and the District Head of Jada are 250 Houses but increase it to 600 hundreds because of selfish interest.

He said the committee were dishonest on to Atiku and failed to give those palliative to people that were made to.

“As I’m talking to you now in Jada people are saying it would have been more better if Atiku did not bring the intervention in the first place instead of intervention than the evil that happened to our community.

“Because they want money from Atiku at all cost they are deceiving Adamu, Atiku’s Son who is the commissioner of works representing Jada under this present Government in Adamawa state that they will support him to become the next Senator representing Southern Zone in 2023 hence his complicit attitude to the fraud that happens in Jada under his watch without intervening to right the wrong as he too believes that the fear of Arabo is the beging of wisdom when it comes to Atiku. They politicise the palliatives to only Atiku’s loyalists while they cornered the rest to themselves.

“No wonder Adamu, Atiku’s first Son and commissioner of works in Adamawa,after flagging off the disaster assistance send by his Father in Jada,he left for Ganye where he stays the night. I was reliably told that he visited some critical stakeholders and notable Politicians and Elders who most of them are his father’s political associates for a meeting in his father’s residence.

“The night meeting was more of a get together and a formal introduction of Adamu Atiku was done by Arabo Sheik to the people as Atiku Son in which community issues and political deliberations took place.

“The meeting ended up with Adamu’s response and intimated them of his intention to contest for Senate in 2023 under the PDP platform and pleaded for their support as his decision is for the collective interest of Ganye Chiefdom.” Hamza said

Hamza continue to say that if this is the kind of fraud continues in the name of Atiku claiming help to People who are really in need because of God and his aides or Political pundits will use it to enrich themselves is better not to even do it at all.

“Recently a foundation called Haske foundation have done something similar of this nature,no one complain of anything because the real affected People benefited generously irrespective of Political or religion affiliation. What we saw on this one it was a palliative for Atiku’s aides and PDP loyalist.

“Come to even think of it if the Arabos shared the palliatives because of Political reasons,in the last Presidential election Nobody voted for Atiku in Jada because of same people attitude to the Community that good gesture by Atiku should have been a means to correct their previous misbehaviour as such the help not meant to be politicise because it’s something done in the name of God.

“We are still waiting and watching to see how they will share the five millions donated by the Governor of Adamawa State,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who donated through the Local Government Chairman and another five hundred thousand donations by Adamu and Boss Doke.” Hamza added.

When our correspondent contacted Sheikh Arabo through telephone calls debunked that the palliatives goes around the affected people, especially the APC members who their house destroyed by the rain storm.

He said Atiku’s intervention was done because of God not man to take any credit and all he knows the committee has done their best to evenly Distribute the materials.

“All I know Atiku appreciated the way and manner the Distribution was carried out because many people have called him to appreciate him for the kind gesture.

“I want to tell you that Christians, Muslims alike collected the gesture including an LCCN church which was de-roofed in Jada,all this you can confirm from the district head of Jada, APC Chairman in Jada and one leader of the church by name Pius in Jada.” Arabo Said