Facebook Exposed: Facebook is the biggest weapon been used to defame or tarnish the image of only fulani ethnic group amongst all the ethnic groups in the world

and only islam among all the religion faiths in the world, and only our prophet  among everybody in the world  this should be rectified

Facebook Exposed: Facebook is the biggest weapon been used to defame or tarnish the image of only fulani ethnic group amongst all the ethnic groups in the world

Facebook Exposed: Facebook is been programmed to fight against fulani ethnic group and islam in general, some even insult our beloved prophet on facebook, but they were not been blockes or banned by facebook, but if you try to defend fulani or islam, you will be blocked by facebook.

 Honestly fulani muslim activist have known this for almost a decade now, when ever a biafran or a christian insults fulani or Islam, by tagging fulani or muslims as terrorists, when the fulani tries to defend their tribe by calling the igbos too as terrorists, facebook will automatically block the fulani from defending himself, so what is this?? is this fairness??

When you search facebook you will see many videos having titles which involves insulting or calling fulani ethnic group as terrorist, but facebook has never banned anyone, infact if you try to report the video, facebook will tell you, "the video does not go against facebook community standars"

but if you dare post a video or picture of igbo or christians and you tagged them as igbo terrorists, facebook will automatically block you.


why is facebook allowing others to insult fulani or muslims, but facebook will block the fulani or muslims to defend their ethnic group or religion???

Infact even (IPOB) igbo biafran terrorist organization that was proscribed by the Nigerian court, is been protected by facebook, they can insult anybody, but if you defend your tribe and reply them back, facebook will block you.

A message to Dr. Isah Ali Pantami:

Shaik Isah Ali pantami you should know that on your hands lies the key to foster unity and peace in the minds of Nigerians, because social media is used to manipulate the human minds.

If facebook can allow the tagging of igbo, yoruba, tivi, christians, fulani and muslims all of them, that would be a good thing, at that time people would know who are the actual criminals!!

But facebook banned the calling of any tribe as terrorists on facebook, but do not take thesame action on the fulani ethnic group and islam, some even insult the messenger of Allah on facebook, but facebook will not block them.

Pls sir, check this complain as the minister of communication.

Pls facebook should ban whoever post a video, picture or write something that insult or abuse Fulani, islam and our prophet, pls!!

This would further foster peace and unity among all nigerians of all faiths, but there is no way the fulani ethnic group can be tagged in criminality, but other ethnic groups will not be tagged, despite the fact fulani ethnic group will not carry 10% of the attrocities of all tribes in the world.

There are athesits insulting our beloved prophet on facebook, but facebook will not block them, nor will facebool allow muslims to revenge the insult or protect their prophet.

Bulama cartoons one of the well known media giant was also blocked on facebook for posting a neutral picture that depicts ethnic tagging and call for peace and unity amonst all of us.

Bulama Cartoons is one of the Nigeria's media giant in which he draws cartoons which sends message to peaceful Nigerians.

As you can see he was blocked by facebook for posting this picture below.

we are calling on facebook to be neutral and please allow peace to reign in Nigeria please .

Facebook should UNBLOCK Bulama cartoons and also block all those thousand fulani muslim Facebook accounts that they blocked unfairly, but they failed to block the igbo and other christian facebook accounts.

Facebook Should as a matter of fact, stop blocking some to favour a particular ethnic group, this is not civilization but evil minds of those in Mark zuckeberg's office.