Would President Alpha Condé of Guinea extend in his country, the Genocide of Fulani or Fulbe in Africa?

Would President Alpha Condé of Guinea extend in his country, the Genocide of Fulani or Fulbe in Africa?

On Monday, October 7, the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), which brings together opposition parties, unions and members of civil society in Guinea, called for demonstrations from October 14 against President Alpha Condé’s ambition to run for a third term. The latter, whose second term ends in October 2020, has often questioned the relevance of limiting the number of mandates in Africa – two at most. This front would have also asked the various companies in all sectors to suspend any activity during the events, in order to avoid any incident that could be regrettable. The record was very heavy during these demonstrations of 14 and 15 October and was numbered several deaths. But who are the victims of this massacre perpetrated by the police of this cruel and criminal president?

    Indeed, the record of the protest against a third principal of the Guinean President, Alpha Condé has been very heavy and has even been revised upward. In 2 days, the number of victims has risen to 7 dead, all killed by bullets, 70 wounded and a hundred arrests according to the statement of the FNDC. Moreover, the call for mobilization was widely followed and caused total paralysis of activities throughout the territory. The repression was bloody against the challenge and authoritarian excesses of power were noted.

There have also been numerous law enforcement incursions into citizens’ homes where women have been physically and verbally assaulted and their rice pots overturned. Elsewhere, the agents of Conde, the cruel president, broke chairs and tents, insulted and beat up the parents of the victims before spraying tear gas, the many relatives and friends who came to offer their condolences.

The victims, numbering seven dead, are Bah, Diallo and Sow. And they are Fulahs or Fulbes. It is a massacre and the Fulani community of the country of Diallo Telli is targeted. There is nothing to justify this carnage of which our fulbre brothers of Guinea are victims. People have the right to protest in their country and to oppose democratically. According to the opposition, some 100 demonstrators have been killed by law enforcement since Alpha Condé came to power in December 2010. No need to tell you the ethnic identity of all these deaths because they are mostly Fulbe . According to Human Rights Watch, it is more important than ever to protect the right to demonstrate peacefully. In addition, the authorities have banned “made” about twenty demonstrations for over a year, using “tear gas against people who defied the ban” and arresting “dozens of protesters” .

Until recently, there was no mention of ethnic cleansing in which the Fulah or Fulbe of Guinea are victims. But we knew that this president was doing targeted assassinations. This week has been a terrible week for Africa, which is powerless to witness the genocide of one of its ethnic groups (Fulbe) in Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali. What to say about these 3 presidents drinkers of Peul blood? they must remain cloistered at home. They must not go out to the West or elsewhere in Africa or Asia.

An appeal is made to the free world of peace and justice, especially to human rights organizations. International judicial bodies such as the International Criminal Court, the United Nations and the ECOWAS court must help this community, which unfortunately could disappear forever. In the meantime, we pray for the dead. May the Almighty welcome them into his eternal paradise! We also extend our deepest condolences to the relatives, relatives and friends of the victims.

Gondiel Ka


Kibaaruji Pulaagu International

Montreal, Canada.