Sidya Defends Cellou Et Cie: “We Have The Same Goal, What Is Different Is The Strategy …”

The president of the Union Republican Forces (UFR) defended on Wednesday September 16 the members of the FNDC who chose to participate in the presidential election on October 18. Sidya Touré, who was attending a meeting of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), explains that the entire opposition has the same objective in the face of lifelong power in Guinea even if it does not have the same strategy.

“The situation in our country is extremely serious, I believe that the opposition shares the same point of view, what differs is the strategy but what we have just said is the position of everyone, it there are those who have chosen other forms of struggle, but the struggle remains the same, its objective is the departure of this regime and the refusal of a presidency for life ”, he said.