Please read because this a matter that concerns us all as a Nigerian and as Africans by Kaltumi Abdulazeez

Please read because this a matter that concerns us all as a Nigerian and as Africans by Kaltumi Abdulazeez

It's getting so difficult to be well treated at the global level because many people now see all Nigerians as criminal due to the actions of few bad eggs! 

I woke up this morning to a video that was shared by a colleague of some Nigerians who were arrested for human trafficking in the US.
The next question I asked myself was how did we get here? 

The truth is that our leaders have failed woefully, they have betrayed us, look at where we are today! If anything has to be done, who is responsible? Our leaders that don't care about her citizens? Or you and I with the ideas but have no power to influence them, or do we keep praying for God to come down and help us solve these problems?
The bad eggs have outnumbered the good ones, If you say the truth or know the truth you are not safe! People no longer keep trust and promises, everyone is fighting for personal interests and benefits without thinking of others. We are no longer brothers and sisters but rather a Muslim or Christian. They have indeed made success in dividing and separating us!
Everything is now monetized, including friendship and relationship!
Nothing is real anymore, we are losing humanity!
We are in pains and can't confide in others because everyone wants to package! If you share your problems with people it becomes a public discussion of ridicule and gossip! Tell me how are we still living in this cruel world!

The solution starts from us! 

First we must change our negative mindset and orientation about how we view life generally. 

We need to be proactive!

We need to solve this menace that has eaten deep into our system! If we do not act now what then does the future hold for us all and our children. 

Together we can change this negative narrative through collaboration and a strong bond of togetherness and interconnectedness! Little by little we can advocate against this bad image for Africa in general.

Let's make our continent great!
The growth of Africa is our responsibility.

I remain my humble self, Kaltumi Abdulazeez.