Nomadic Association / Blue Nile Region

Nomadic Association / Blue Nile Region


 The masses of the people of the Blue Nile and the masses of the Sudanese people in general
 Since the unfortunate events broke out in the Blue Nile, we have committed ourselves to restraint and patience, and the ugliness of what happened is not hidden from you, and our statistics confirm that the number of nomadic people who died and lost as a result reached 50 people.   however, it is clear that there are parties that do not care about the stability and security of the region, as they are addicted to bullying, oppression, violence, looting and humiliating the nomadic person whenever they  given the opportunity to monopolize violence.

 The masses of the people of the Blue Nile and Sudan, this is a statement for you and the people in general.
 Throughout the fall of 2022, the People's Movement / Aqar, the signatory to peace in Juba, is practicing bullying, killing and witchcraft against the nomadic components of Fallata and Arabs, as it strikes cows with live ammunition and takes their meat as supplies and supplies for its army, and arrests herders and imposes fines on them that exceed millions  And extortion is practiced, as family members take a ransom in exchange for money.  As these practices are still continuing until the moment of writing the lines of this statement.
 The honorable people of the Blue Nile:

 Two months ago, the People's Army intelligence forces arrested the citizen Muhammad Suleiman Youssef on the background of a quarrel between the shepherds, and he was not a party to the quarrel at all, and demanded that he pay an amount of one and a half billion, and his family paid it, and then demanded another one and a half billion in return for his release, and when his family was not able to pay that amount, they advanced  With requests from the coordinator of the SPLM forces, then the governor of Bau province, and finally the governor’s office, and all of this, the arrested person was not released and his relatives were threatened because of their filing a complaint in Damazin, as the arrested person is still languishing in the movement’s prisons, the notorious underground that they used to take  As shelters and sanctuaries that protect them from the beatings of the Antonov, and according to the news received from there, the citizen Muhammad Suleiman is in a very bad condition due to the harsh conditions of treatment.
 _ Brothers in the Blue Nile, this is one example of what the SPLM practices in the areas under its control (Ulu, Foj, Qaroud, Malkin...) There are hundreds of victims who were arrested, beaten and paid with their hearts’ blood in order to release their children. In the month of July, they were arrested  On the citizen Ahmed Drori, the movement demanded an amount of (21,000,000) twenty-one million, and after negotiations, Sheikh Farida’s fariq paid the amount of 7 million. In the same month, the fariq (Logigi) was fined 6 million for damages whose value is not estimated at 50,000 pounds. In the previous month, Sheikh Idris was fined  Sheikh Arab Awlad Barour, a similar amount in damage that is not subject to any evaluation criteria, and other cases of beatings and fines that they impose on the streets.

 # The masses of the Sudanese people:
 Rather, it is practiced by the popular movement in the areas under its control against the nomads, which is a flagrant violation of human rights, a waste of their dignity, and the confiscation of their money unjustly. The popular movement is not strange to these practices, as they were the ones that used to hit the furqan with donuts, confiscate cows, and kill their owners throughout the war period in the Blue Nile, but the strange thing is  It is the continuation of its approach of looting, extortion, and taking people's money unjustly after signing the peace.
 The SPLM claims that it has courts in its areas of control under which it exercises imposition of penalties and issuance of sentences that may reach the death penalty. We draw the attention of the wise among them and their legal advisors that the competent courts are only those established under the Judicial Authority Law of 1986 and whose work procedures are regulated by the Criminal Procedures Law of 1991 in  Criminal matters and the Code of Civil Procedures in civil matters. After the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement, the areas of control of the movement became evidently part of the jurisdiction of the Damazin courts, which means that any trial taking place in those areas is considered null and void, and any sums collected there do not enter the state treasury, and its collection is also considered  It is void and requires that whoever does so be punished by the force of law.  And if we accept, for the sake of argument, that the movement has courts, as their followers claim, what is its validity?  And the extent of its powers and the extent of the efficiency of its judges?  And where can appeal its decisions and rulings?  We warn the movement that you can hold the rank of a vacant major general, but you cannot be a vacant judge!
 # The masses of the Blue Nile people:
 As we write this statement, we do not write it in ivory towers, cluttered rooms, or under fans, as the movement tries to describe everyone who seeks an amicable and rational solution with them to avoid strife in the region. The weapon that they brag about and misuse does not give them an advantage over anyone in the Blue Nile, as  One of his bad deeds is that he equates the cowards with the brave, and how easy it is for a person to take his right by force when he despairs of the law. As nomads, we are not weak and unable to protect ourselves and our money, and we hope that their illusions will not delude them with that.  And all nomads were forbidden to sell their animals directly to merchants except through their generals and at the price they wanted. the All of this is to our knowledge, and we tell them that the torrent has reached the bottom line, that silence is over, and cowardice and living under humiliation and insult are not our norm.  The failure of the popular movement to implement its promises to the displaced and refugees and its army is not paid for by our nomadic people, because our money is not loose money that is taken by everyone who gives and bears.

 The masses of the Blue Nile people:
 We are still betting on the voice of reason and the law. We are advancing the following:
 1. Immediately release Mohammed Suleiman Youssef and hand him over to his family
 2. Stop all violations mentioned in the statement
 3. Referring any problem of a criminal or civil nature that occurred there to the courts of the region recognized according to the jurisdiction.
 The Association continues its escalation and monitoring of all violations that occur there, and give it to public opinion, and for this purpose, the Association will continue with all agencies
 Media and newspapers.