Moment Of Truth. part 20 (Remembering version)

I refused to say something about the death of my brothers who stupidly lost their lives out of ignorance on Sunday, but it keeps hurting me because all of them died in ignorance and are still my brothers.

Ipobs members are not fighting for freedom, they are fighting for the sake of their leader who have deceived them in believing what is not right and real. Sometimes i will ask if truly this IPOBs are the true Igbos i know, Igbos who can’t do anything that is not beneficial to them.

How can a set of people be losing their lives, some abandoned their work and business to fight for a man who they don’t really know much about. If i may ask, how well did they know of their leader? Am sure 95% don’t really know much about him, they only started knowing and following him recently. Most only hear his voice, and others only hear from people who said, ” this is what the leader said”

They called it peaceful protest and fighting for freedom when they have lot of weapons with them and are ready to fight, to attack and cause problem. Who did this to us and when are we going to realize that we are not in the right direction.

Before they start attacking me, I want to ask, if your child who bear your name said you are evil and want to attack you, what will you do?
You might call it protest, but if you see what this ipobs are doing in the name of protest, I felt bad about their actions.

It’s high time ipob remember who they are, we Igbos are not known for this. This is not in our blood, we are the most peaceful and hard working tribe around the world. We should not listen to a man who we don’t know simple because he came out from no where to start using our weakness to control us. We are Igbos. Remember who you are.

( Graduate Of Truth )