I express myself in easy French for a broad understanding of my message.

 I fully assume my approach, by doing this little post, following the frustrations recorded in favor of the fraud ceremony of the criminal Alpha Condé.  From the outset, I would like to point out that the UFDG and Cellou are far from being ethnos.  In every social entity, there is always good and bad.  But, Cellou and the UFDG embody values ​​that cannot be found anywhere else on the Guinean political scene.

 First, Cellou and the UFDG have never stigmatized me because of my ethnicity.  The proof is that I have always attended the most secret meetings of the UFDG in Dakar and Paris, passing through Brussels during the annual assembly of the UFDG federations of Europe.  President Cellou had a face-to-face meeting at the Méridien hotel in Dakar with Ibn Chambas, and I was the only witness.  UFDG members of the Dakar Federation were asked to wait in the lobby.  It was on this occasion that Ibn Chambas told Cellou Dalein that Guinea's problem lies in the fact that our country lacks strong institutions, but is full of strong men.  I have never had recourse to any protocol whatsoever to gain access to President Cellou Dalein Diallo, of whom I have all private telephone contacts.

 Second, Cellou Dalein and the UFDG helped, protected and supported me on all levels.  It was Hadja Halimatou Dalein and Fodé Oussou Fofana who helped me leave Guinea on November 19, 2013, to reach Sierra Leone, without being apprehended by the police.  It was the UFDG Federation of Sierra Leone that found me a travel document that allowed me to take the plane to take refuge in Senegal.  It is the Federal Secretary UFDG of Sierra-leone, El Hadj Lamarana Sow, who insured my plane ticket Freetown-Dakar, in addition to a strong financial envelope as pocket money.  In Dakar, it was the nephews of President Cellou who fully supported me during my three years of stay in the Senegalese capital.  My rent and my medical expenses have always been insured by President Cellou since 2013 until today.

 Tierso, these are dynamic young people from the UFDG who covered all the costs and other administrative procedures related to my departure from Dakar for Europe, even if the contribution of Reporters Without Borders, the International Federation of Journalists and  of the Maison des Journalistes de Paris made it particularly easy to obtain the Visa from the German Embassy in Dakar.  In Paris, I am the darling of the Federal Secretary, other officials and activists of the UFDG.  The same is true in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and England.  As for the merchants of Madina, in Conakry, I cannot describe their countless acts of charity towards my modest person.  It was an activist trader from the UFDG who sent my mother on a pilgrimage to Mecca in 2013, and it was Diallo Sadakadji who offered me 120 million Guinean francs to build my mother's house in Kamatimadia.

 In short, Cellou Dalein and the UFDG do not stigmatize and hardly mistreat their activists and sympathizers from other communities.  On the contrary, they treat them better compared to activists and sympathizers from the Peul community.

 More ethnos and more hateful than Alpha and the RPG, we die.  Some rpgists communicators from the Peulh ethnic group have just learned it at their expense, on the occasion of the folkloric enthronement of the bloodthirsty Alpha Condé, for which they were deprived of invitation cards.  That's the rule in the RPG: those who wet the jersey are never rewarded.  It is a great lesson for all Guineans.

 In conclusion, I persist and sign that "I AM CELLOU DALEIN AND I REMAIN UFDG" come what may.  Wassalam!

 Mandian SIDIBE
 Journalist exiled in Paris