Story Ideas for Journalists_African journalist Mr Ardo

Story Ideas for Journalists_African journalist Mr Ardo

In many ways, being a journalist makes you press your brain so it could make a hit news that will be loved by other people. That is why many journalists dare to do anything so they can get breaking news which has highest viewer rate. It is sure that you also want to be a kind of journalist who always gets the fresh idea and wrap it up in a news. It is obviously possible to happen. You just have to make sure that you know how to find good stories which can be used as an article for your news.

Take a Walk:
If you find a dead end and you can no longer find a good topic for your next news article, there are actually many ways that will help you to get the good one. First of all, you have to make sure that you talk to people. You would never get a good news if you only rely on government’s speech. You have to make sure that you dare to take a walk to slum area, charity event, or even a traditional market just to see if there is something good enough to be written as news article. Some people you meet might even be a good source that will result you unexpected article.

Stay on Social Media:
It is also important for you to mingle with people in unexpected conditions. You have to analyze what people will do first when they see something worth a news. The answer is social media. It does not matter who, people would like to inform the other about things that they see. That is why you have to make sure that you stay tune on the social media such as Twitter or Facebook so you can get informed with the latest event. You can even use the tweet itself as the source of your news.

The Aftereffect of Weather:
There is no doubt that weather is seen as lame topic that will make them lazy to read the news. It usually comes out while you have awkward situation. Well, you have to be smart journalist who can turn the lame topic to a spectacular news. Instead of reporting about the weather, you can move forward and report about the after effect caused by the weather. For example, if there was a heavy rain before, you can go to farm to see if the rain affect the plantation there. You will never know what will interest other people.

Meet the Youngsters:
Even though you know that you are smart in writing a news article, it is sure that you will still need other people to be the topic of your news. Here, you can try to get a sit in a classroom and report the idea expressed in the classroom.

Youngsters will have so many unexpected things that will surprise you since they are brave and have nothing to lose. There is no doubt that they will be able to help you to find something new as a topic for your news article so you will be able to make a hit with your news. Always visit