How would You Said Your are not aware the level of our decay national hospitals Gabam Storm SGF boss Mustapha

By Abdul Bonga
The National Secretary of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Comrade Shehu Musa Gabam Reply to SGF Boss Mustapha.

Gabam said “I was literarilly shocked and taken off my feet when I saw SGF Boss Mustapha admitting before the leaderships of the national assembly that he wasn’t aware the levels of decay of our national hospitals in Nigeria that he got to know about it when he assume the assignment of the chairman of the Covid19 Committee he said he was in shocked because anybody who visit our hospitals in Nigeria would attest to the facts that we have no single national hospitals that is properly equipped in these country

No single one in any state of the Federation and some of us have mentioned these things severally is a disaster that is waiting to happened we don’t pray for it but any serious nation prepared for an emergency for a situations like these. It’s quite obvious, it’s a reality like he has confessed as he has said ” we are never prepared for corona-virus, we are never prepared for any emergency outbreak our hospitals are weak and are in bad shape and I do hope and pray that the president and commander in chief will reprioritize his budgets and give expressively important to the health sector for the safety of Nigerians and future generation of Nigerians.
Gabam said” it’s a shame the giant if Africa has no single hospital standing that can be regarded as a pride of the land(Nigeria) ”

Gabam said if a South African leader is sick he will go to South African Hospitals to get treated virtually all Nigerians VIPs travel out for medical check-up and this is a national embarrassment and I think we should put a stop to these, perhaps the emergence of corronavirus would force us to put our priority rise as a nation to build our strong fundamental that we can depends on in case of any emergency outbreak, I want to appeals to government functionaries that the fundamental of these country most be put strength and most be put will all sense of strategy that is the only way we can stand strong and that is the only way we can keep our privacy as a citizens to dealt with our internals challenges in terms of health and other issues. It’s quite disturbing to me, I couldn’t sleep well when the top government officials admitting that he doesn’t aware, I visit hospitals and sees the kind of humanizing situations patients goes through, you can see that even the smallest drug you have to go and buy it, they don’t have it in the hospitals and these hospitals are been budgeted year ins and year outs. Please for God sake let’s all look into these and be patriotics to ourselves, our country and to our citizens. Posterity will ask us a question that we will find it difficult to answered.