Ghana: Actual suspect arrested after residents killed 2 Fulani men they accused of murder

Ghana: Actual suspect arrested after residents killed 2 Fulani men they accused of murder

Police in Ejura have arrested a suspect who shot and killed a 45-year-old man at Hiawoanwu in Ejura/Sekyedumase Municipality of the Ashanti region after 2 Fulani herdsmen were lynched over the murder, has confirmed.

The suspect, Mahamuru Ghana, attacked the victim at his farm last week and shot him in the stomach and head, killing him instantly before fleeing into the bush

The victim was with his 9-year-old son when the attacker ambushed them on their way from the farm but he however did not harm the little boy after killing his father.

The killing of the victim had triggered a reprisal attack on Fulani herdsmen in the area who it was earlier wrongly announced were responsible for the killing.

The angry villagers invaded the Fulani camps and killed at least two Fulanis and destroyed their properties before the news followed later that the Fulanis were innocent and had no hand in the incident.
According to the little boy, the suspect emerged from the bush and shot his father after a short exchange.

“He shot him and asked me if I knew him”, according to the boy. “But I told him I don’t know. He told me to run and said if I got home I should say my father was killed by one Burger (from Yeji)”. The little boy is reported to have said

The suspect subsequently fled to his hometown in Tolon in the Northern region but was arrested with the assistant of the chief and people of Tolon after the information about his crime and his photos where sent out through WhatsApp message

He was brought back to Ejura and currently in custody in the police station. According to the police who confirmed his arrest to, he has confessed to the crime and would be arraigned before court.