Fulani Women; The Most Beautiful Queens of Nigeria

Fulani Women; The Most Beautiful Queens of Nigeria

Indeed, Nigeria as the giant of Africa with many natural endowments is blessed with not only the earthly riches but also with beautiful and charming women. Among the very beautiful women are the Fulani (Fulbe) who are dominant in the Northern part of the country.

The fulani constitute about 15.4 million of the population of Nigeria (200m) while covering about 40-45m population in Africa (widely dispersed across the Sahel and west Africa).

The Fulani who’s major occupation is herding of their cows, sheep and some time goats for their livelihood with little residing in the cities and towns and are engaged in trading. The ladies are such cultured and religious. The totality of the lives of the people is known as culture, but in terms of the fulani cultures, exist a self disciplined code of conduct known as Pulaaku.

The word Pulaaku entails different strong words such as Semtede (Shyness) Muñyal (patience) Niddaku (dignity), Gorgu/Goraku (Bravery) and Gidal (love) among others.

Fualni are known to be cosmopolitan (widely distributed) along the longitudes and latitudes of Africa and especially West Africa and the Sahel savannah. They have the most trustworthy, hard-working, intelligent, smart, adorable, respectful and beautiful Ladies.

A typical fulani lady can be physically identify with certain unique and incomparable characteristics from any other tribe in Nigeria; such a features include pointed nose, soft lips, natural long and black hair, slip and tall, fair in complexion among others and in their behaviours with people, they are shy due to their natural code of conduct termed “Pulaaku” in Fulfulde language.

They may however, be dark in some regions but yet they are termed “Black beauties” with white eye and a black spot which make them even more beautiful.

Their code of conduct (Pulaaku) give them a high reputation and respect from other people in the communities.

The Fulani, who are predominant in the Northeastern part of the country especially Gombe, Taraba(Gembu) and Adamawa (olden days Gongola state) with a slogan “land of beauty”.

Not only they are beautiful, they are also simple, soft hearted, easy going, gorgeous, Charming, adorable and above all very cultured & religious people, that make them unique and loved by all especially the Hausa man that can sacrifice all he posses just to marry a fulani lady.

Their enduring manner to hardships also make them to be a wife materials to the Hausa men because the Hausa ladies are always lazy and wholeheartedly depend on their husbands to provide for the family singlehandedly. A fulani lady can sacrifice everything of her for the happiness of her family and her husband.