FNDC considers Alpha Condé to be a former president ’’

FNDC considers Alpha Condé to be a former president ’’

The head of strategies and planning of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution assures us that Alpha Condé is no longer the President of Guinea.  Sékou Koundouno tells anyone who wants to hear that the resident of Sékhoutouréyah tampered with the constitution to cling to power.

 He promises that his movement is more determined than ever to fight hard to demand the departure of Alpha Condé from power.

 “The FNDC will continue to mobilize the people of Guinea as long as the former head of state, Mr. Alpha Condé, does not return power to the Guineans.  However long it takes, we will do everything to get him out of power, "Sékou Koundouno warned in Face à l'info.

 Today, according to him, “the FNDC considers Mr. Alpha Condé to be the former president of Guinea.  We will see the end of our fight no matter what the price. "

 He asks the people of Guinea to continue to "arm themselves with courage and perseverance in order to fight this dictatorship."  In his plan, Mr. Alpha Condé has one goal: to eliminate all the forces that will stand up to him. "

 Aissatou DIALLO, for VisionGuinee.Info