Economic prospects remain good for The Gambia-IMF

With economic growth of 6% of GDP in 2019, low inflation and stability of the Dalasi, the IMF Staff Monitored Program Mission Chief to the Gambia Jaroslaw Wreczoreck, said the prospects for The Gambia remain good as the government increases revenue capacity.

“We still continue to see increased revenue collection, so tax payment is a very good component of the civic duties of all citizens and companies. GRA is a very important institution that needs to do its job and provide the resources to the government,” Mr Wreczoreck maintained.

The mission is in Banjul to assess the 2019 SMP and discuss The Gambia’s request for a fresh programme with financing that could be supported by the extended credit facility (ECF).

President Barrow was very appreciative of these contacts with the IMF, expressing gratitude for the partnership that his government has been nurturing with the Fund over the past three years.

Observing that the tourism sector continues to grow with new hotels on board and the renovation of others, in addition to the important investments in road infrastructure and the energy sectors, Mr Wreczoreck said the increase revenue capacity of government is creating a situation which The Gambia can count on for more resources to support development and social spending.

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