Dr Barry appointed deputy head of PSSG

Dr Barry appointed deputy head of PSSG

By Lamin Cham

Dr Cherno Omar Barry has been appointed new deputy executive secretary at the Senegalo– Gambian Permanent Secretariat PSSG.

He succeeds Muhammed Jallow, following the latter’s appointment as vice president. Dr Barry, who is currently the vice chancellor of the International Open University, said he is excited about the new job.

“The PSSG is the body that monitors or follows up the implementation of bilateral agreements between The Gambia and Senegal as well as people-to-people relations, freedom of movement, conflict resolutions, mediations, and common border issues among other things. So, I feel very excited to have the opportunity to serve in this body,” he said.

 Dr Barry said he is still very passionate and is very much part of academia.

In 1965, The Gambia and Senegal signed a Treaty of Association. This agreement outlined the areas of cooperation between the two countries and created a Permanent Secretariat responsible for the implementation of the Agreement.

It was agreed that the Permanent Secretariat would be based in Banjul and the head of the organisation – the Executive Secretary to be appointed by the two countries, would be provided by Senegal and by tacit agreement, his second in command would be a Gambian. The Secretariat, being an inter-governmental organisation, had the status of a diplomatic mission. Its office was located opposite Atlantic hotel on Marina Parade, in one of the imposing colonial buildings that used to serve as residences of the colonial officials. Currently it is located on Kofi Annan Road at Cape Point Bakau.