```Deciphering Tinubu, France, Niger Republic and Hausa/Fulani

```Deciphering Tinubu, France, Niger Republic and Hausa/Fulani

Its so amazing how some Islamic clerics in Northern Nigeria are supporting Tinubu to send soldiers to Niger Republic to fight a proxy war between us (Northern Nigerians) and our brothers and sisters in Niger Republic on behalf of France. 

On behalf of the colonial agenda of France. So that France can continue to exploit, loot, and siphon the resources of the Francophone countries. 

Have we ever wondered why the Francophone African countries remain the poorest African countries? 

I will not even go into the CFA currency here. That will just be an overkill.

Hamani Diori, the first President of Niger Republic attempted to negotiate the Uranium contract between Niger Republic and France in 1974 when he attended the burial ceremony of late French President Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou. Oh, Hamani Diori was toppled just a few weeks after returning to Niger from France. His beautiful wife Aissa Diori was murdered. Diori’s France backed coup leader,  Seyni Kountché, became the longest serving ruler of Niger Republic, giving France all the Uranium and Gold it needed for virtually free. 

I am not sure when France started supporting democracy in Africa. 

Niger Republic, the worlds 7th largest Uranium producer, provides France with 33% of its energy-needed uranium and 25% of Europes needed uranium. Yet, Niger remains one of the poorest and darkest countries in the world. 

Let me put this more clearly. Niger’s uranium is fully under the exploitative control of a French company called Areva. 

Areva generates revenue of over $4billion annually. Google it yourself. 

Niger Republic’s GDP is about $15billion. Google this yourself too. 

That means Areva, a single French company generates almost 30% of Niger Republics economy. 

Secondly, a quick internet search of Areva’s headquarters will show you the tallest building in Courbevoie, which is the number one business district of France. Yet, Nigeriens remain in darkness and poverty. 

How can a single company be generating up to 30% of the GDP of the country that it is exploiting? Does that even make sense in any way to any right thinking human being? 

Anyway, back to the matter. We all need to be aware that Niger accounts for some of the largest gold deposits in the world. I believe Richard Nixon was wondering where Charles De Gaulle got all that Gold from. 

And now we have Tinubu wanting to send our army to fight our brothers across the border just so that he can win the approval of the West. 

The big question is why? 

We the Northerners must understand  that 7 Northern states share a cumulative 1,100km long border with Niger Republic. These states are Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe, and Borno. Stretching along the entire northern border, North East to North West. 

Are we in the North ready for a proxy war on behalf of France against our brothers and sisters in Niger? 

Are we ready for the death, carnage, destruction, and chaos that is to follow? 

Are we ready to destroy the thousands of years of relationship that exist between us and our brothers and sisters in Niger on behalf of Tinubu and his newly found Western backers? 

The same West that criticized the election that brought Tinubu to power is today showering praises on Tinubu as the champion of democracy. If you don’t believe me please read it yourself (https://www.ft.com/content/24f50cd6-6b78-477d-a7a7-68bb1ec1d972). Amazing how fast the West switches. 

So what really changed? 

When did Tinubu become a champion of democracy for the West? 

Just about 18 months ago there was a coup in Chad. The West supported it and said nothing of democracy. ECOWAS did nothing. So what has changed? 

Hypocrisy 101? 

Oh no, what is the true nature of the actual relationship between Tinubu and France? 

Dont mind the countless trips Tinubu has been making to France for lord knows how long now. 

Oh to understand that relationship, you first need to understand the relationship between Tinubu and the Chagoury’s. Oh they are the Lebanese billionaires behind Eco Atlantic (just google Eco Atlantic) by the way. To those that care to know. To understand how this is similar to the war in Ukraine, one needs to just google “Burisma and the Biden Family”. Ukraine is an idea of the suffering that will follow if we allow ourselves to be used as the proxies for Western war agenda or for Chagoury business interest. 

Are we about to go to war with our closest ally (Niger Republic) on behalf of the business interest of Tinubu and the Chagoury’s? We want to shoot and bomb the same Nigerien soldiers that paid the ultimate price to fight bandits and terrorist with us, for us, and by us? 

Back to the matter, again…

A few days ago, I watched an interview on Arise TV with a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi. I was baffled to hear him invalidate the humanitarian, security social, and economic consequence of a military operation in Niger Republic by saying that it is a price worth paying if Nigeria is to become the giant of Africa. I am not sure what he means by “giant of Africa” here. Please watch (https://youtu.be/EEr1vdGs-Xc) for yourself to get a sense of what is actually going on. 

This got me wondering if there is an ethnic and regional conspiracy against the North. If the coup happened in Benin Republic, will Tinubu be willing to send the military? Will Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi continue to support a military operation with the excuse that the disastrous consequences of death and carnage for such an action is worth paying for in order for Nigeria to be the giant of Africa?

Must Hausa/Fulani blood be spilled across Nigeria/Niger border for Nigeria to become the Giant of Africa? So have I been lied to all my young life that Nigeria is already the giant of Africa? 

Will the same Akinwande be willing to spill Yoruba blood in a war against Benin Republic so that Nigeria will attain the status of “giant of Africa”, whatever that even means? 

Moreover, a friend of mine asked me what will happen if Nigeria invades Niger Republic? Will Tinubu declare a martial law with the backing of his newly found Western besties so that he can stay in power forever to avoid the outcome or decision of the Presidential Election Tribunal? Is this a back up plan for Tinubu to hold on to being President by all means? Or is this just a strategic attack against Northern Nigeria. Just the quality and caliber of ministerial nominees from Northern Nigeria raises more questions than answers regarding a grand plan or agenda against the North. 

Islamic clerics in Northern Nigeria must stop pushing every narrative pushed to them by the current administration for their selfish interests. Arewa will burn if a war against Niger Republic is  to start. 

I must remind you that Tinubu’s new found besties have a record of bombing Islamic countries. Never mind Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia etc. If Tinubu was President when Muamar Ghadafi was killed by the West, would he have supported the coup in Libya knowing fully well that by supporting such madness Sub-Saraharan Africa (Northern Nigeria in particular) will be flooded with arms and terrorist? Oh has Arewa not see enough of that aftermath in Borno, Yobe, Zamfara, Katsina, and also in the hands of Bello Turji? Don’t we have enough orphans and widows? 

I want to remind the North that France supported Biafra during the Civil War. 

France supported those that INHUMANELY MURDERED  Ahmadu Bello (Sardauna) and Tafawabalewa. 

So when did France begin to like us and to like our dear democracy? 

Oh, when Tinubu became the President of Nigeria I guess. 

Are we really ready to face the armed forces of Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Niger Republic backed and trained by Russia’s Wagner? Lol. Dey play. 

Are we really ok? 

No, we Northerners, ARE WE OK? 

We can’t plan, we can’t reason, we can’t speak? 

Zamu gaya wa aya zakin ta. Very soon. 

Written by
Iliya Dan Mai-hankali

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