By Abdul Bonga

To all Muslims across the globe and especially to my fellow Nigerians, I convey my warmest Edil-El-Fitr Felicitations.

This festivity reminds us of the sacrifice we owe to ourselves and our dear nation, the sacrifices that entails sharing the little we have, giving the things we cherish most, forgiving and forgetting those things that has held us back stagnated our progress.

To Remind each other about(11) Beautiful sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W)on Eid day.1.Ritual bath 2.Do not Eat before going to Eid for(Eid ul Kabir),but(We must eat before Eid ul Fitr prayer).3.Wear your best clothe (at least white).4.Use perfume(Male only) 5.Supplicate on your way to Eid (Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar laillaha illalahu Allahu akbar walillahil hamd) 6.No naffilah in Eid ground. 7.Going to Eid with foot not car or bike. 8.Change road when going back home. 9.Spread greetings(taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum) 10.Perform two raka’at when you are back from Eid(i.e at home) 11.Visitation to friends, families, neighbors.

While praying for long life and prosperity for all, I convey my compliments and my heart to men and women who are serving at harms way to protect our Nation, to those on essential services, the vulnerable Nigerians experiencing one hardship to another and to all the public servants that work hard for little, to keep our society running, to the victims of the terrorists attacks and to the vulnerable in the society and especially those in the IDPs and Prisons.

Therefore, As individuals we most strite hard, work much and give a lot away, While as a Nation state, we must Unite, pray and contribute to the national building and Even as we continue talking measures againt Covid-19. its my prayers that we would all come out of it fine together with our families.

May Almighty God bring an end to this pandemic Covid-19, lock down, the fear. And count us among the Survivor’s Amen.

I pray God to heal the Sick, World and protect us all Amen.

Happy Edil-El-Fitr to you all my brother’s and sisters must especially in tilden Fulani Ward, the Toro LGA, the Bauchi state Nigeria and the Nation at large.

Yours in Nation Building;
Comr Umar Ibrahim Maudo FNY NIA NMGS,
Vocal Youth Activist/Ambassador,
Founder/CEO UM-Foundation,
Sunday 24th May,2020.