Africell Gives D12m To Covid-19 Doctors And Nurses

Africell Gives D12m To Covid-19 Doctors And Nurses

April 16, 2020

Africell, the biggest GSM company in The Gambia, has announced a donation of twelve million dalasi (D12,000,000) to Gambia’s efforts to contain and defeat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The funds will be distributed over the next three months directly via Afrimoney to front-line health workers, whose courage and hard work in difficult circumstances is helping to keep Gambians healthy and safe.

The payments will supplement the normal wages of these front-line workers, giving them the financial security needed to support themselves and their families at a time of significantly increased risk.

All eligible doctors will receive D2,000 per month while nurses and all other front-line staff will receive D1,000 per month. The scheme is currently scheduled to last for three months.
Commenting on the donation, CEO of Africell Gambia, Alieu Badara Mbye said:“For Africell, contributing to the campaign against Covid-19 is a duty, not an option. We are stronger together.

Africell is committed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the government and the people of Gambia as we take on this challenge. Our donation to Gambia’s heroic front-line health workers is a token of our admiration and gratitude to front-line health workers for the risks they take and the hard work they put into keeping the rest of us safe”.