The nomadic Photographer; the story of Al-Ghazāli Atiku

I’m Ghazāli Atiku. I’m pullo Bargu, born and raised in Minna, the capital city of Niger state. I’m a student of Sokoto state University, studying economics.

I found peace, happiness and solace in capturing nature. Then i found my heart in Pulaaku’s natural beauty, so I want to be a wandering photographer, to capture more of the beauty of Pulaaku and enjoy my nomadic life is snapping rare and beautiful moments in Pulaaku world.

My love for Pulaaku knows no bound hence I’m trying by all means to keep myself in the line; be Pulaaku ambassador, stand for the rights and interests of my people and defend the innocence of Pulaaku through the little help i can offer.

We’ll paint the people’s minds with beautiful pictures of Fulɓe to prove the media-shared pictures weak in defining Pulaaku.

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