The late Lamido Dr Alhaji Aliyu Mustafa was born in 1922 and died in 2010.

The late Lamido Dr Alhaji Aliyu Mustafa ruled the fombina (Adamawa) kingdom for 57 years,from 1953 to 2010 making the longest Lamido on the throne in the history of the Fombina (Adamawa) kingdom ahead of the 47 years of Modibbo Adama the founder of the kingdom.

Lamido Dr Aliyu Mustafa was a role model,a pillar of peace and development of the Fombina (Adamawa) kingdom.

He was a father to all,he execise his duties as the Lamido with justice and fearness,he treats all his people without discrimanation either for religion or ethnicity,even during the Nigerian civil war (the Biafran war) Igbos living in his kingdom were not harm, injured or have their properties seeized,their lives and properties were safed,the Lamido warn the people of his kingdom not to harm the Igbos,this is the reasons why uptil now Igbos living in Adamawa are happy and living in peace morethan any other part of the country,because of Lamido Aliyu’s fearness,simplicity,kindness and generocity to all,non muslims of different tribes,Igbos,Yorubas have join in the muslim funeral prayer of Lamido Aliyu.

Fombina (Adamawa) kingdom recorded a lot of developments and achievements during the time of Lamido Aliyu.
1) He founded the Aliyu Mustafa College Yola.
2) He build the Lamido Zubairu Center in Yola.
3) He Re-constructed the Modibbo Adama (Yola central) and Gurin central mosques.
4) He re-constructed the old entrance gates of Yola towm.
5) The re-construction of the Lamido’s palace was also done during his time.
6) The Lamido’s palace museum was also founded during his time.
7) Uplifting the standard of the Lamido Mustafa polo ground to a moderate standard.
8) He introduced horse race in Yola.
9) He increase the number of juma’at mosques in Yola and Jimeta to a large number.
10) He Founded and increase the number of Districts and District Heads,e.g Jimeta, Namtari etc.
This are few among the many axhievements and delopment recorded under Lamido Aliyu,
May Allah forgive him,have mercy on his soul and grant him aljanna firdausi,ameen.
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