Electoral hold-up in Guinea is more than an open-air robbery (opinion)

Electoral hold-up in Guinea is more than an open-air robbery (opinion)

In Guinea, the most accurate and effective definition of justice is the will to power that applies to the weakest or the law of power over the opposition.

 From 1958 to 2020, only the state is right and the opposite is wrong.  Here the state is the power or the absolute holder of the legitimate and legal monopoly on violence, as Max Weber said.

 Guinea has just broken all records in terms of flagrant robbery of vote theft with violence and inhumanity by a decadent regime and beheaded of all its flesh of popular legitimacy.

 Alpha Condé knows better than anyone who he has lost.  He wants to rely on his institutional and security system to establish his domination.  Despite all the filth of his corrupt electoral register down to the spinal cord, his most formidable opponent has managed to put in place a very sophisticated monitoring and reporting system.

 Nearly 32,000 young equipped were deployed to a total of nearly 15,000 polling stations across the country by the UFDG.  Why then this fear of the party in power to proceed to a mechanical count of the minutes office to office to remove all suspicion?  This refusal of the power to comply with this injunction hides impurities.  His one and only hope is the arbitration of the institutions of the country whose independence is determined by President Alpha Condé.

 From the CENI to the Constitutional Court via the INIDH, the country has broken down institutions.  All are subservient to the power Condé.  This archaic and archaic power with a management from another era, calamitous and shameful only deserves the trash.  Instead of the ballot box, Alpha Condé is asserting himself with arms in the knowledge and sight of the constitutional bodies which have chosen the path of complacency over that of truth and history.

 In my sad and unhappy Guinea, only power is right.  It is the reign of arbitrariness and injustice.  The triumph of lies and denial.  The death of honor and truth and the condemnation of order and balance.  We apply the same recipe used by all regimes to reduce the Guinean to submission and begging with the supremacy of a corrupt and unhealthy elite.

 What happened on October 18 is well known.  But the longer the lie lasts, he will eventually be overtaken by the truth.  The people made their choice, well-placed individuals imposed their will.

 Alpha Condé confiscates power that is far from his reach and merit.  The winner is none other than Cellou Dalein Diallo.  No concession is possible, only the truth of the ballot box must be effective and respected.  We must unite to defend this truth at the risk of perishing together for our oversized and disproportionate egos.

 Fodé Amara TOURE