A herd of cattle of 110 cows in the videos below belong to Mallam Gajere of Awing, Santa Sub Division,  Mezam Division NW Cameroon, have been stolen by Amba Boys on Dec. 21st 2020. They have also forced the herdsmen to take some of the cattle to Babanki area. They are demanding a ransom of 5 million francs. 

Last week they murdered one Buba Abdu of Awing and abducted three other Mbororo including Alh Mbaddiri Buba.  After murdering Buba Abdu and refusing to hand over the body to his family, the Amba Boys demanded 500 thousand payment for burying him. He leaves behind 15 children and two wives.

Last year they seized 18 cows after abductinh the now murdered Abdu ransom and fracturing his leg during torture. He was still limping when they killed him. 

They are charging each herder 500 thousand francs to allow them take their cattle on transhumance.

The Amba boys in Awing have gone too far and the consequences on them and their supporters and collaborators will be extremely serious.

Amba boys are creating a war that will transform into a violent war against all villagers for years to come similar to what is happening in Zamfara and Katsina  States in Nigeria.  Herders were abused, killed and impoverished and forced to start a bloody revenge war that has taken away many lives.