2020 presidential election: Alpha Condé only got 39% in the ballot box", according to Dalein

2020 presidential election: Alpha Condé only got 39% in the ballot box", according to Dalein

On Saturday October 24, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) published the provisional results giving Alpha Condé the winner of the October 18 election in the first round with 59.49%.

 Figures disputed by UFDG candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo, who continues to claim victory.

‘’ Alpha Condé lost at the ballot box, he transformed the results by printing other Minutes (PV) and having them validated at the level of the Administrative Commissions for Centralization of Votes (CACV).  Otherwise, he only got 39% in the polls, ’’ said the self-proclaimed presidential winner.

 Adding that "" I hold all the reports drawn up at the end of the count in the polling stations.  When he realized this, he had VPs made which allowed him to be proclaimed the winner by a commanding CENI with 59.49% ’’.

 '' As soon as I realized that Alpha Condé was fabricating false results and PV to impose them, I disseminated the real results that we collected thanks to a device set up to electronically transmit all  the results at my HQ, '' he says at the microphone of TV5 Monde to justify his decision to proclaim himself the winner.

 Guineans ’disagree with the ongoing electoral holdup, Dalein said.  The repression was savage and bloody.  Alpha Condé requisitioned the army, deployed military and paramilitary forces in the neighborhoods deemed to be the strongholds of the UFDG ".

 He affirms that Alpha Condé '' tries by violence and intimidation to pass his holdup, but we will not accept it '', before ensuring that the outgoing president '' wants to remove all the evidence that I  hold.  That is why my offices and the UFDG headquarters are occupied by the military "."

 He promises to continue to fight for the respect of the truth of the ballot boxes.  “My supporters are determined to defend their votes, which Alpha Condé stands up to no matter what.  He used force to stop them, but people are organizing to resist, ’’ he said.

 Still, said the UFDG leader, “we will fight until we win.  There is no going back ’.

 Boussouriou Doumba, for VisionGuinee.Info