Umbrella of pulaagu need a unity.. Ahmed Barry

Umbrella of pulaagu need a unity..  Ahmed Barry

As some of us are fighting for Pulaaku We can’t do it alone without your prayers and support a lot is happening within ourselves and we sit back to think all is well whiles it is not. Those in politics are just there to use the name Fulani to get vote and win power. The only time you will see them coming to us is election year. Smh

Why is it hard for us to unite ? We are not known of this attitude some 100 years back our great grand fathers fought and conquered a lot of empires and stood for each other, but today what do we see happening what has changed that we can’t bring back the love unity they had and fight like they did many years ago ? It is very sad when you hear what’s really happening on the ground that is making us disunited. In Ghana Alhaji Amadu Jallo président of Tabital Pulaaku International Ghana chapter is doing his best for Pulaaku , Alhaji Lamiiɗo Fulɓe Bello Boɗejo from Nigeria President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Nigeria and others are fighting for a common corse and you will see the ( Konongo Kayas ) enemies who won’t work and won’t allow those working to do what they can to help us are there destroying and tarnishing their image instead of joining hands to support them smh