I endorsed the military takeover in Mali

I endorsed the military takeover in Mali

Whilst I welcomed the forceful removal of the Implanted French Puppet in Mali, here are few things that I wish to see in that country

1. Dictator Ibrahim Keita leaves the country immediately

2. The army get back to their barracks

3. The Army work with ECOWAS to make sure there is an interim Civilian President who will make sure they get a new constitution with term limit and organise credible election.

4. The French looters and their military leave Mali immediately

5. Mamoud Dicko and the opposition to cease all political activities and allow smooth transition.

and to those of you who are saying is unacceptable for military to take over , I asked you , is it acceptable for president to kill innocent citizens just to clinch onto power ?

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Mamaid Saidou Baldeh