Gov’t discussing plans to support tourism industry – Minister

Gov’t discussing plans to support tourism industry – Minister

MAY 6, 2020
Tourism minister Hamat Bah has assured stakeholders in the hospitality industry that government will act responsibly to address major adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic on their businesses.

Stakeholders in the hospitality industry are asking government to provide financial and practical support to both the travel and hospitality sectors in a bid to save the industry from the reels of the coronavirus pandemic.
They warned that the effect of the coronavirus pandemic is adversely wreaking havoc on the industry and could wipe out the entire sector if government fails to act in bailing them out.

Reacting to these demands, Hamat Bah told The Standard that government is aware of the ultimate volatility of the coronavirus on the hospitality industry and as such, it is working on plans to address the decline.

Minister Bah disclosed that a stakeholder meeting has already been convened between the government and the industrial stakeholders at which possible areas of intervention as well as clear measures to support the hospitality sectors were discussed.

Asked if these will entail both financial and practical support, Hamat who is also the leader of the NRP, said he would not want to make any further “comments to pre-empt what government is coming up with in the soonest possible time.”

“Government is responsible and we are very concerned especially when it comes to the hospitality industry. We have made this known to them during our discussions and plans are in advance stages. We know what we are doing and we are going to act in the most responsible manner,” Bah added.