Dalein firm and categorical:Alpha Condé must be cleared"

Dalein firm and categorical:Alpha Condé must be cleared"

Dismissed by the Constitutional Court, which ruled the appeal unfounded, Diallo continues to claim the victory in the last presidential election with 53.84%.  He promises to use all legal means to be reinstated in his rights.

 A RFI Dalein confided that he continues to enjoy the confidence of the militants and supporters of his party.  '' There is no crisis within the UFDG.  People believe in us and we are proud of their confidence and we will be worthy, '' says the former prime minister who refuses to concede defeat

 '' Today, I have not lost.  I feel that the Guinean people trusted me, I'm very proud.  We will continue the fight and I am sure I will achieve my goals, '' he said, answering the question of our colleagues on his political future.

 And when he is asked how he has to get there, Dalein replied: '' For the struggle.  The people are aware today of the problems and constraints.  We must identify Alpha Conde.  The popular force will prevail and it will be a real rule of law in this country ''.

 Not excluding the return of his party in the ranks of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (BDNF), Alpha Conde the main challenger announces that '' we are seeing how to gather the maximum around the  ANAD and UFDG for the fight for democracy, against the third term to continue ''

 Pathé BAH, for VisionGuinee.Info