A relative of Dalein persists and signs: "We cannot recognize the victory of Alpha Condé ..."

A relative of Dalein persists and signs: "We cannot recognize the victory of Alpha Condé ..."

The former first past the post for Dinguiraye, Fodé Bocar Maréga, does not give any credit to the outstretched hand of President Alpha Condé to pull the country out of political impasse.

 For the former parliamentarian, while the resident of Sékhoutouréyah says he is ready to dialogue with his political opponents, opponents of the third term are languishing in prison.

 "Arresting over 300 people across the country, trying to bully, extort the goods of traders, is that reaching out?", He asks.

 Calling the call for dialogue launched by Alpha Condé after his re-election to a third term, "cinema", Fodé Bocar Maréga wishes to see the Guinean executive take concrete action to end the post-electoral crisis.

 “After his so-called victory, Alpha Condé allows himself to arrest members of the UFDG, activists and sympathizers and above all continues to bulge his chest and threaten the UFDG.  He tried to do it for 10 years, but he couldn't.  He is unable to do so.  He needs to understand that the UFDG is not a small party, "said the former MP for Dinguiraye.

 He calls on those in power to release political detainees before any dialogue with the opposition.  “It doesn't do any good to keep people in a situation like that and say you're reaching out to UFDG or ANAD.  We need concrete action and it’s up to Alpha Condé to do it, ”he said.

To the question of whether his camp as recognizing the results validated by the Constitutional Court on November 7, he answers: `` We cannot recognize the victory of Alpha Condé in a debate like that, whereas we know that  there was a flagrant theft of the elections.  We have the results of the polling stations (...) ’’

 Abdoulaye Bella DIALLO, for VisionGuinee.Info