The Best Amazfit Smartwatches

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The Best Amazfit Smartwatches

The Amazfit brand offers you connected watches at very affordable prices. We are going to discover this brand of amazfit Smart watches, which seems to have succeeded in the bet of affordable sports watches. It offers mixed models, which correspond to both men and women.

You will be able to discover models with modern aesthetics. We offer you an exclusive zoom on the effective quality of this type of jewellery. This will allow you to form an opinion, and to know if this brand meets your expectations

We suggest you start our analysis of Amazfit brand watches with the Bip U model. This watch consists of a rectangular touch screen. This will allow you to easily access the various settings of the watch. You will also be able to access all the data collected by the latter.

Number of steps, heart rate or number of calories eliminated, it offers you all the features of a connected watch worthy of the name.

The Amazfit SmartWatch also follows you during your sports activities. You can collect information about your effort from the brand's application available on your smartphone.

The watch is equipped with a comfortable silicone strap for everyday use as well as during a sports session. Beware, however, of a small detail, the watch is not equipped with a GPS.

The Amazfit brand also offers connected sports watches for women and men, which are therefore more sophisticated than the models analyzed above. You will be able to discover this smart watch equipped with many options. It will allow you to analyze your heart rate, your sleep or even your sports session.

Its plus is to be equipped with a GPS to allow you to retrace your route. This is a very practical option if you are a fan of sports such as running or cycling.

As usual, the brand offers you a very comfortable silicone strap that will allow you to wear this watch in all circumstances.

From a design point of view, the brand makes choices to appeal to as many people as possible. You can enjoy a rectangular dial with rounded corners. It is therefore once again a rather all-purpose mode

Amazfit goes back to the basics of the connected sports watch for men and women by offering you this pragmatic model. It is a watch with a simple digital dial that will allow you to read the time or even the date of the day.

Far from sophisticated connected watches, it is a simple pedometer watch. It allows you to count the number of steps taken each day.

Please note that this rechargeable watch will not allow you to upload information relating to your physical activity to your smartphone. However, it is an affordable product unlike most smartwatches for men and women.

If you only want the classic options of a watch and a pedometer, it should meet your expectations.

You will be able to discover a sports watch with an aesthetic worthy of the biggest brands of connected watches. This is a watch equipped with a rather large round dial. You can display the time as on a chronograph watch.

As for the options, you will be able to measure your heart rate, analyze your sleep or even play music. The watch also follows you during your sports sessions.

Directly connected to your smartphone, this watch will allow you to motivate yourself to maintain your physical shape. amazfit Smart watches Although it is sold for more than a hundred euros, it is however not equipped with the GPS option often necessary for runners and cyclists.
For this connected watch for women but also for men (the difference being only in the size of the dials and bracelets), the brand seems to have chosen to offer you a jewel with all options. It is a watch equipped with a large round dial on which you can find all the data collected by the device.

It will allow you to track your sports sessions with your heart rate and your GPS position. You can also analyze your sleep or your heart rate. The watch offers you some additional options such as the possibility of programming an alarm.

Here too, Amazfit offers you a watch directly connected to your smartphone via its free application. Its very sleek black design makes it a model that can be worn by a man or a woman.