Who are these neighboring presidents whom Condé accuses?

Who are these neighboring presidents whom Condé accuses?

As in 2010, Alpha Condé repeats and begins his new mandate, the 3rd, with inclinations to do battle with peers from the West African sub-region.  The very people, according to Alpha Condé, “who do not want Guinea to advance and who were accomplices.  "

 However, according to the Guinean president, “We all know them.  We know the countries which were accomplices.  "Only," What interests us is that Guinea is moving forward.  We are looking ahead, but we are not fooled.  The presidents pass, the people stay.  That’s why, I don’t care about the attitude of such and such a head of state.  Because he and I will pass, but the peoples will stay.  "Indeed, as we know, Alpha Condé has always raised the suspicion of an invasion of mercenaries from the country of UmarouCissokoEmbalo, the most rigid Bissau-Guinean at the place of the tenant of Sékhoutouréya.  The two men have a certain enmity that dates back many years.

 Today, the former has shown his support for Condé's toughest opponent.  This is why all the borders remained locked even before the presidential election of October 18.  Embalo was not the only one accused of conspiring to destabilize Conakry.  Sierra Leone has not been so.  In any case, Alpha Condé is not his first experience in this area.
 We remember that in 2010, he stood up against Senegal,

of which he is naturally jealous of the attractiveness of the donor community.  He accused the land of Teranga as being the rear base for opponents or supposed to be such: Dalein, Diallo Sadaka, Bah Oury.  And even Tibou Kamara.  It was the day after the Kipé raid, Alpha Condé's private residence.

 If, very quickly Condé tried with Dakar, but without succeeding in restoring the sense of good neighborliness by going to spend his holidays at the seaside resort near the capital, in Guinea Bissao, that does not seem to worry the old man.  He punctuates his speeches with hackneyed plots, certainly enough time to distract public opinion and come out with the 3rd term.

 Jeanne Fofana, www.kababachir.com