Presidential Aide: Wailers Can’t Stop Buhari’s Foreign Medical Trips

Presidential Aide: Wailers Can’t Stop Buhari’s Foreign Medical Trips

President Muhammadu Buhari will not stop going abroad for treatment, Lauretta Onochie, one of his aides, has said.

There has been an outrage within and outside Nigeria over Buhari’s medical trip abroad at a period when residents doctors are on strike in Nigeria.

Buhari is currently in London for a medical check-up.

Some protesters, who accused him of wasting taxpayers have been demonstrating in front of Abuja House, Nigeria’s Diplomatic Mission, in London.

While reacting to the protests, Onochie said no amount of wailing can stop Buhari from embarking on medical trips which he has been doing for years.

“Next year, Pres. @MBuhari will go for a routine check-up. We have been here since 2016. It’s been the same wailing. So, the response will also be the same.

“At least, once a year, people across the world see their personal doctors, especially (the) one they have seen for about 40 years.

“@MBuhari won’t dump his doctor of about 40 years so that wailers can be happy. That’s blackmail. Thankfully, he doesn’t pay blackmailers. In 2016, I ran from one media house to the other, educating us on the psychology of the bond between a patient & his/her long-standing doctor.

“He went for #CheckUp in 2017, 2018, 2019 & in 2020, just before the pandemic. Same wailing and same explanations.

“The fact remains that if @MBuhari chooses, he will go for checkups in 2022 & 2023. He will continue to go. It’s his choice to go or not to.

“I don’t know any man who will accept a different barber to cut his hair if the one he is used to, is not available.

“Wailing can’t take away his rights to see his personal doctors so wailers must get ready for two more years of wailing and fooling around. God bless Nigeria,” she wrote on Twitter.