News have it that Alhaji  AbdulSamad Isyaka Rabiu  (President BUA) gifts  N200m Rolls Roys 2021 model to the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu  Ado Bayero, and N100m for dressing.

Kano people will now celebrate their emir to ride in this super expensive car (Rolls-Royce) on the streets of Kano infested with Almajiris, beggers, widows, orphans, sicked and the ill ones let alone the rate of poverty, illiteracy  and the number of out of school children roaming across the state.

Thank be God for having death awaiting us and judgement day for every one (including leaders, the rich and the poor) to stand before Him to give an account of leadership, wealth acquired and its spent while staywarship on the earth surface.

May Almighty Allah continue to make my heart stronger and bless me with riches to share with my fellow poor men, women and children on the streets.

By Mustapha Gembu