Military patrol found no bandits on Zangang Hill-KDSG

Military patrol found no bandits on Zangang Hill-KDSG

A few days ago, some groups in Kaura Local Government alleged, in a widely publicised press statement, the presence of over 600 armed bandits at Zangang Hills.

The Kaduna State Government reached out to the security agencies for immediate action on the matter.

Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), the military units deployed by Defence Headquarters in response to the security challenges in Plateau, Bauchi and parts of Kaduna State, and a detachment of the Special Forces of the Nigerian Army carried out extensive fighting patrols to the said Zangang Hill on 21st June 2020.

The fighting patrol stretched up to the Kagoro Hills and other suspected hideouts. Troops did not encounter any group of armed bandits throughout the extensive fighting patrols.

Furthermore, not a single bandit camp was found in the area and there is also no evidence of human activity in and around the hills as the reader will glean in the pictures attached to this press statement.

The Kaduna State Government commends the Commander of OPSH, Major General CC. Okonkwo and his team in Sector 7 (Southern Kaduna) under the leadership of Col. GU. Akpan, officers and men for a job well done.

The Government wishes to reiterates its appeal to aggrieved communities, individuals and groups to always have recourse to the law so as to avoid killings and counter killings that deepen the vicious cycles of reprisals.

Contrary to the misreading of the security challenges, what stands out as a major impediment to peace has been the resort to self help and jungle justice, rather than complying with the rule of law.

Citizens with credible information on any criminal activity, including banditry, are encouraged to confide their suspicions to security agencies and government for prompt action.


The Security Operations Room, a 24-hour security information centre is available to be receiving details discreetly on ‪09034000060‬, ‪08170189999‬ and for immediate action.

Samuel Aruwan
Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs,
22nd June 2020