Reasons why Fulani believes they own Nigeria.

The Fula, Fulani or Fulbe people are one of the largest ethnic group found mainly in Sahel and west Africa. They live mainly in west Africa and northern part of central Africa but also in southern Sudan, Sudan and regions near the red sea coast. The approximate number of Fulani people is unknown, due to crashing definition regarding Fula ethnicity. Various estimate put the figure around 25 to 40 million around the world.

The majority of Fulani ethnic group consist of semi sedentary people as well as sedentary settled farmers, artisians, merchant and nobility. As an ethnic group, they are bound together by Fula language and more than 96% are Muslims.

Many Western leaders are from Fulani tribe including the current president of Nigeria Mohammed Buhari, the president of Senegal Macky Sall, the president of Gambia Adama Barrow, the vice president of Sierras Leone Mohammad Juldeh Jalloh and also the Prime minister of Mali Boubou Cisse. They also lead many international institutions like: Deputy secretary general of the united nations, Amina J. Mohammed. President elect of United Nations General Assembly, Tijiani Mohammad-Bande etc.



In the time of 9th century, Fulani people who were migrating from the east took part in the creation of a state with the capital at Takrur. Since 16th century we can see more Fulani people who started to live in settlements as cattle-keeping farmers.

Fulani people occupy some states in Nigeria including different territories in the North such as Gombe, Sokoto, and Katsina. Besides, you can meet these people in Bauchi as well as Kebbi. Some live in Yobe, and it is possible to meet some Fulani people in Benue. In recent time, you can find them in every state in Nigeria mainly in bushes where they reside and look after their cattle.

The Fulani cattle rearers move from place to place in search of grass for their cattle. It seems like any state they visit, they will build a tent and try to reside in that area. The Fulani herdsmen in recent time now, have been involved in a lot of violent in Nigeria such as killing of farmers in their farm, raping of women in the bush and even killing some communities at night.

Since Nigeria became an independent country in 1960, Fulani has produced more of the country’s president starting from Tafawa Balewa the first prime minister of Nigeria. The current president of Nigeria Mohammad Buhari is also a fulani etc. They haven’t stopped yet. They are coming up more with ideas and plans including the new plans of Miyetti Allah, to give security attire to Fulani cattle rearers.

With few of this reason and more, I think that’s why they boost they own Nigeria. They reside everywhere in Nigeria even in places you don’t know people can live in.

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